What's the best GPU I can get without bottlenecking?

'm not going to get it now, but sometime mid-2007 I'll upgrade my GPU unless it can still handle games the next year (it can handle Oblivion almost maxed out @1360x768 so it's still got some fight left in it). I might get something else depending on price and what ATI brings out. I'll probably get whatever the get value is around the $250 range.

The thing is... will my processor bottleneck my GPU? I'm figuring that I'll be able to get a 8800GTS online (seeing as how it can be had for $380 already) so that's my target GPU if you will.

Any thoughts?
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  1. I'd get it. You probably will bottleneck but not as bad if you overclocked your cpu a couple hundred mhz. The cpu market is moving so fast right now, it will take no time for the X2' top enders s to drop. 380? Last I knew it was 500 bucks!? Get it.
  2. 8800GTS would be the best right now. and your processor is great you got a Dual core AMD that will run any apps and GFX card fine.
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