Which Xfi for BF2 and Halflife 2

I currently have an Audigy 2 ZS 5.1 sound card in my Dell XPS Gen 3. Im looking to upgrade in March if i get into a certain college. Would it be a worthy investment to upgrade to an Xfi card. My audigy 2 has been having some issues playing EAX3 in BF2 and Call of Duty.

I care about sound quality and playing games such as BF2, COD2, and Halflife 2.

Im looking at 3 cards the Xtremegamer, Xtremegamer Fatality, and the Platinum. As far as I can see the Fatality one is the only one with XRAM. From what I have read, XRAM doesnt make that much of a difference.
Reviews at newegg have said that the Xtrememusic is having issues playing BF2 with the Xfi only UltraHigh settings.

Cost is an issue, as I write this the Xtremegamer is 90 USD(last week it was 70), the Platinum is 116 USD aftera 50 dollar MIR, and the Xtremegamer Fatality is 145 USD.

What is the true difference between the cards in terms of sound quality and game performance? Is the Fatality worth its cost? I could use the IO box, as my front headphones port got pushed in too far and I cannot get it out.

My priorities are first cost, and second sound quality, I want to see a significant difference in MP3 and divx movie quality. Creative touts its Xfi's upconversion of MP3s. However does this work in WMP and Itunes, or only in Creatives own software?

Any and all halp will be appreciated...

Dell XPS Gen 3 (2004)
Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2ghz 32 bit 800mhz fsb
1gb 533mhz ddr2 ram
seagate 160gb sata1 hd
2x WD 80gb usb external hds
500gb wd mybook usb external *ordered*
dell 20 inch 1600x1200 16ms LCD DVI
ATI Radeon x800SE 128mb Pci Express x16
Creative Audigy 2 ZS 5.1 powering Sennheiser HD212 headphones and Dell 5650 5.1 speakers
Logitech MX3100 RF wireless kb and MX1000 laser mouse ($53!)
Linksys 802.11bg wifi PCI card
Teac 8xdvd+rw drive and Samsung CD burner
Intel 925x based mobo
black 5th gen 60gb ipod with sennheiser PX100 headphones
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  1. I went through this exercise with the X-FI cards and ended up getting the X-FI Platinum. Sometimes I wonder if getting the gamer would have been just as good, but don't know for sure, as I do listen to a lot of music and have a good speaker system.

    I didn't think the Fatality was worth it. Nothing I found justified the XRAM and the additional cost. Creative does know of some of the sound problems and has offered a couple of patches that helped a bunch. Don't know that its completely solved, but it might have more to do with the game's programing than with the cards. That is, the cards might be acurately producing the sound from the games, but the games themsleves may have problem which only the best cards expose. Don't know the real answer to that.
  2. X-Fi XtremeMusic is ample dude.

    Unless you need the drive panel access to all the audio ports.

    It comes with the same software.
  3. I would go with the platinum, the extra ports come in handy, especially when pluggin in heaphones, or maybe a microphone for those nights you wish you remembered, and only know about it because someone videotaped you... 8) .
  4. I agree with the XtremeMusic

    Its the best bang for the buck in a xfi card
  5. Thank you all, I'll look at the Xtrememusic due to popular request. I just hope that Creative has fixed those BF2 issues.

    If any of you know if that specific issue has been fixed, write in.

    as always BILLDCAT4
  6. I'd agree with the XtremeMusic, unless like previously stated you need or want the front panel & remote control. Otherwise they are over priced & unneccessary
  7. I play BF2142 and HL2-based CS:S. Just recently I chagend my Audigy 1 to X-Fi Fatal1ty. I got Fatal1ty becouse I badly wanted front I/O panel (standard outputs are very limited when compared to Audigy 1, and I use line-in, mic-in, analog 2.0 out and digital out on a daily basis). I find x-ram useless, but here in Poland Fatal1ty was just a tiny bit more expensive than Platinium (600zl vs. 650zl), so just to be on the safe side I went for it...
    I must say, 3d audio positioning in headphones is amazing in x-fi. I got Sennheiser PC160 headphones to match sound card, and in BF they rock. HL2 has rather average audio when compared to BF...
  8. X-Fi with the PC160 headphones is a very good choice. I have the same set-up and play BF2142. It's amazing and all for just about £120!!
  9. wow same as me lol

    sennhesier ftw

    Its a shame i cant use speakers and put them too loud cuz the landlord complains =/
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