Unable to connect Buffalo G54 with Dlink 900 AP+

Please help me with this. I have a Buffalo WBR-G54, and a friend of mine has a D-link DWL-900 AP+. They won't connect!
Buffalo has the WDS feature, and D-link hasn't. What can I do? Is it about the firmware? Thanks in advance,

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  1. check the enkription if it is on

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. i am one of the many confused people about bridges and AP's but from what i understand you can't connect the WBR-G54 to another AP unless that other AP has a bridging function....although check in each device for MAC address exclusion and IP address exlcusion, check they're using the same (or none) encryption. if possible set the D-link device to bridge mode.

    i dunno, i've probably confused myself more now :)
  3. i've done a little more work on this, because i'm buying some bridges soon, and buffalo have told me that bridging is only possible with other buffalo bridges...so the WBR-G54 can talk to client cards, but not to non-Buffalo bridges, and the same goes for all bridge functions on D-Link and Netgear bridges, they need to talk to their own make of wireless devices for bridging to work.

    So you were right, your friend needs to buy a WBR-G54 or a WLA-G54...as they have WDS.

    Or you can get your mate to buy a client PCI/cardbus 54Mbit card...that will connect to your router/bridge.
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