Need advice on duel boot xp32bit and win7 64bit


i need advice

i wanted to do duel boot winxp pro 32bit and win7pro 64bit on 2 WDraptor (150gb and 300gb ) in raid 0 {i know both count as 150gb total 300gb that fine }

real question is how can i make duel boot ?
mean which one i install first ?
and is this 32bit and 64bit together is fine ?

my system support 64bit which is

motherboard is = nvidia nforce 780i sli
processor is = core 2 duo E8400 3.00 GHz
graphic card is = geforce 9800 GTX+

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  1. 1. I was unaware that you could create a RAID0 configuration of 2 different sized drives. I have been under the impression that you HAD to have identical drives for a RAID0 set up. I have always used the identical drive set up in my builds and have had no problems.

    2. Microsoft states that "On multi-boot systems" that the different OSes be put on different dirves to prevent corruption. I know that you can partition the drive but after I have attempted to install 2 different OSes on a single drive I experienced data corruption and wound up having only 1 OS on the drive in the end.

    With that being said I would suggest that you set up 1 drive with XP and 1 with win7. You would set up/ install the XP drive first and then the Win7 drive. There should be no difficulties as drivers are avalible for the hardware that you are using. It should work fine together. Good luck.
  2. Here's a detailed tutorial on how to dual boot XP and Win 7:
  3. thanks guys
  4. i agree with zipzoomflyhigh

    dump XP - its a pointless os to have when you have 7

    shabaa - you can use any two drives, but with raid0 its 2x(smallest drive) total volume, and for best results using matched drives
  5. apache_lives said:
    dump XP - its a pointless os to have when you have 7

    I'd add a qualifier...... dump XP - its a pointless os to have when you have 7 Professional or Ultimate as they has XP mode built in.
  6. from what I hear, some older games are not compatible with win7.

    the built-in xp mode in win7 is designed for running older business software that is not compatible with win7, the-built in xp mode in win7 is not for gaming.

    I for one am happy with xp and do not plan to upgrade to win7 for some time.
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