Which is better EVGA or ASUS with 8800GTX and 680i sli mb

I'm looking to buy a new

EVGA Nvidia 8800GTX or

EVGA Nforce 680i sli mb. or
Asus P5n32-e sli

I will be running it with a C2D E6600

And I was thinking
OCZ Platinum Revision 2 2GB 4-4-4-15

HD will be sata 3.0
Which brand should I go with?
I have had asus products in the past and they worked great and the tech support and customer service was awsome, so I'm happy to go with them, But someone just told me that EVGA is actually better so I figured I would ask you guys as you know much more then I about such things.
PS in order to get the corsair memory I have to order it in the next 2 days for it to be withing my budget
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  1. Video card: exact same, get the cheapest. XFX got double lifetime which is great if you're the kind of guy who sells his stuff at some point in order to upgrade.

    Motherboard, I'd say they're pretty similar. I don't know if the Asus is worth the extra money!
    I do not like the layout of the eVga but really great board for the price.

    If you really like asus and don't mind the premium, might be a good choice.

    As for ram I think you would be better of with the OCz, mainly because it has a much better price. There might be better option, where are you buying this stuff.

    Hd: Seagate 7200.10 should be really good, and not to be to picky but it's actually sata II or 2.5 at 3gbps.
  2. 8800's are built to spec, so they're all the same.......just get the cheapest one, or the one with better bonus stuff thrown in, or the one with better warranty, etc

    RAM: Corsair is overpriced now by a fair bit. OCZ is much cheaper and runs great. I've owned both and cannot see a difference. I went with OCZ and that exact same product this time because it was alot cheaper than the Corsair. Price difference let me afford a new CPU cooler ;)
  3. The 680i is a great board, and you need it if you want a quad-core upgrade path. One problem to be aware of, though, is that the board will not boot at certain ranges of clock settings. For example, when I was overclocking the FSB to push my E6600, my 680i board wouldn't boot at 1100 MHz. However, jumping up to 1125 was fine, and I eventually pushed it past 1300. I pulled back down to 1250 because I didn't like the temps (stock cooling), but it had no problem taking me there.
  4. As for the sata II statement, thansk for the correction, I would rather be told I was wrong and then say it right then keep saying it wrong.

    Right now I was planning on buying it all from newegg and zipzoomfly. I would have bought everything from newegg but it seems the mb is out of stock. If you have another suggestion I would be more then open.

    Right now for the cpu, gpu, mb, and ram I'm looking at around 1490 I will likely be buying 2 hard drives as well. I have a case psu and os.

    Thanks again
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