what mode in prime95 ?


what mode should i choose for cpu stress test ? blend in dual instance ?
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  1. it seems i cant run dual instance of prime95, i created shortcuts with -A1 and -A2, two instance start, but only one do the test, on the other one test doesnt seem to be executed, anyone can help?
  2. umm do you have a dual core processor?...cuz if you have a single core you can run two instances of it...dont quote me on that
  3. thanks reply :) yes i have a core duo 6600, its good now, im running 2 instance 100% load, at stock speed, with zalman 9500, 50 degre celsius on c0, 48 degre celsius on c1, is it good ? i plan to o/c to 3 gigahertz, do you think its doable from the temp side ?
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