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Hi and thank you for your help in advance.

My problem is that I am trying to set up a print server and am having no luck. Here is what the systems look like.

Desktop XP Pro SP2
Laptop XP Pro SP2
Printer HP officejet 6110 all-in-one
Wireless router Westell Versalink model 327W

The desktop PC is connected to the wireless router with cat5. The new Laptop is connected to the router via 802.11g...Internet access in fine.

I want the laptop to print so I went to my local computer store and they sold me a 1 Port Print Server (wired)

He said to connect the USB printer to the print server (wired) then to the router(wired) then back to my desktop (wired) that my wireless router will now act as a wireless print server to the laptop while my desktop remained hard wired to the printer.

Surprise, it is not working. Is there something I am doing wrong? Do you need more information?

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  1. Only connect the printer to the print server. Do not connect the printer to the other computers at all.
    Both computers will connect to the printer by using an ip address instead of usb or parallel cables.
  2. I think we are saying the same thing but differently.

    Right now my printer is only plugged into the print server (via USB) and no other devices. The print server is not wireless it is a 1 port wired print server. One end of the print server has the USB from the printer in it, on the other end of the print server is the cat5 and it is leaving that and going to wireless router. I have another cat5 cable running from the wireless router to the back of my desktop PC.

    With this type of configuration, I was told I should have been able still print from my desktop as usual and now also be able to use the printer with the laptop.

    But with this set up I can not print with either the desktop or the laptop. I loaded the printer server driver onto the desktop and it can not see the print server. I think this means that the router is blocking the print server. Does this sound right? If this set up is supposed to work, any ideas on how to fix it?
  3. Ok, I figured it out. I was making it too hard.

    my problem is I went to a big box store and they sold me something. This afternoon I went to my favorite pc store (pcclub) and learned that I can use my desktop pc as the print server and I do not need the print server they sold me. This solves my problem.
  4. You need to make a new printer port using tcp/ip.
    goto printers and faxes, click on add new printer.
    At the next screen select "Local printer attached to this computer" and un-check "Automatically detect and install my printer"
    click next. At this screen select "Create new port". In the drop down menu select "Standard tcp/ip port"
    Click next. New window click next. Type in the ip address of the print server in the "Printer name or IP address line only. Other line will fill in on its own. Click next. After that I am not sure as my printer is not on a print server but it should look for and find the printer server. After that just follow the prompts.
    When I get to work Ill try to remember to give the rest if you need it as we use print servers.
  5. Thats fine if you leave the computer on all the time. If you dont you will have to have it on when ever you want to print from the laptop.
  6. Is the printer shared on the network? Are both the laptop and desktop in same domain (lan). Sometimes the laptop Lan name changes as you move from location to location.

    Just a couple thoughts off the top....others may have exact solution.
  7. what you have the printer going into is not a server, its a NIC (network interface card)
  8. question for STURM....i've LAN network in office and i'm trying to set a PC to be a Print Server. how bout i got 2 PCs connected to printer each one and want to make other PC to set as Print Server.

    tQ for any reply. i'm new here.
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