AGP XFX 7600GT XXX Doesn't play any avi/mpeg etc. file

I can't play any videofile on my computer since I installed my new AGP XFX 7600GT XXX videocard.
When I play an avi/mpg etc. file with any player the screen will freeze up and everything will go in to slowmotion mode.
The clip isn't shown nor any music.
Now the screen of windows will go into a endless loop it disappears and comes back after one second. (like you're changing the refreshrate on your monitor)
After this the systeem must be rebooted because you can't work on it.
Playing any mp3/ogg etc. file works fine.

Also when I click on the Nvidea Control Panel my harddisk will rattel, like it's running some big program, still after 15 minutes there is no sign of the program.
The computer has to be rebooted again because everything will go in to slowmotion mode.

I've installed the drivers that came with the videocard.
I tried to install the new drivers from the XFX site but when I run the setup a message is shown "no compatible hardware is found" and the program will exit.

My system :

- P4 3.0ghz Presscot
- Asus P4P800-E
- Memory 1,5 DDR dual channel mode 400mhz
- 350W powersupply
- Powersupply to the videocar is connected

I tried to contact the helpdesk of XFX through their site but it gives me an error message "no ticket" :?
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  1. right well tbh i dont think your video card should ever effect this and most likely you need to reinstall your media player and get some good codecs, i personally recommend K-Lite Codec pack full one, and also download G-Spot its a program that you can drag and drop a media file onto and it will tell you what codec is needed to play it and if you have it.

    Hope this helped and goodluck.

  2. Sorry to hear you were unable to contact us via the ticket system. If you wish you can contact us by phone at 800-880-3225. What video card did you have before this one? You might want to use driver cleaner from (only remove the video drivers).

    XFX Support
  3. The things I can think of:

    a) did you uninstall previous video drivers? If these were also nVidia they may try to run your new card & do a bad job.
    b) is the card pushed ALL the way in? Sometimes I've thought my vid card was pushed in all the way but not quite. Re-seat it & blow off the dust while you're at it.
    c) maybe the card is just bad & needs to be sent back to XFX.

  4. I've done all the thing which you suggest but still no luck :cry:
    Tomorrow I will test the card in an other computer if still no luck I will go back to the store.

    I've just put back my old videocard.(Asus V9520/FX5200)

    Calling XFX Helpdesk is an option but I life in Europe and calling that far would present me a nice phonebill and also the time difference :wink:

    Thanks for the support and I'll keep you posted.
  5. Try also to reinstall your motherboard chipset drivers. I have seen similar situations with AGP systems after a different video card was installed and it was resolved by reinstalling the chipset drivers. I would also try downloading the latest driver from

    XFX Support
  6. Tested on an other computer and everything works fine :?
    I will reinstall my motherboard drivers this weekend.

    Thanks! 8)
  7. Just reinstalled my sm-buscontroller driver and now I can play videofiles again unfortunately I still can't access the Nvidia Control Panel.
  8. I updated my bios and installed the latest drivers from Nvidia but I can't still access the Nvidia control planel :?

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