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I am currently running a core2duo E6600 and bit of an overclocking noob :] I see on here that some people have their c2ds at nearly 3ghz on E63/400 so i would like to achieve a similar outcome. However, i've read the FAQ here and set all of the settings in my bios - and the results are the same...for some reason i dont think there are any multiplier options with this mobo...which is why i need somebody with this mobo to give me a hand :) Basically i need to know which are the critical options for me to increase the clock speed

Any help is appreciated, thanks,
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  1. anything more than 300 fsb will be a miracle with this board, trust me I know.

    If you want more o/c go buy a descent m/b with either 965 or 975 or 680i.
    For me it is rock solid@my o/c (see sig). But I dare not venture any further with my current ram. Best of luck.
  2. You don't want to decrease your multiplier with this board and the e6600 cant be increased anyway, so don't worry about that.

    Unfortunately, while the 775DUAL-Vista is a very flexible board, its overclocking potential is pathetic.

    You'll be very lucky to get over 300FSB, and you cant change the Voltage (well, only with CPU pin mods).

    If you are using DDR1 RAM then you are going to have an even harder job overclocking it to be honest. Drop it down to DDR-333 or even 266 if it seems to be causing issues.
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