Please help. OEM Vista on new MOBO. Cant upgrade to Win7

Hey guys so I have a bit of a poblem here that is REALLY confusing me and I could use some help. So bacically here is what is happening...

I recently just built a new computer. New MOBO, new HDD, new everything basically. I had an old computer Dell 420 XPS with Windows Vista 32 bit installed on it. So i did some reading and saw that in order to take advantage of the Microsoft student discount for Windows 7 I needed to first have Vista installed on my computer. No problem, right? All I need to do is install Vista on the new PC then upgrade to Windows 7? WRONG.

I found out that the installation CD I had was in fact an OEM. Which after more reading I found out that OEM's only work on the first MOBO they are installed on. BUT, I was able to actually install Vista on my new computer. So after I installed Vista and installed my MOBO chipsets I then proceeded to go online to to upgrade my OS to 7.

This is where it gets confusing... I was unable to connect to or ANY microsoft related webiste (,, etc...) However, I am able to go on websites like,, and to write this post. So can anyone actually tell me what is going on here? Is Microsoft reconizing I am using an OEM from another MOBO and just not letting me on their site or what the heck is going on.

I really thought this would be a mindless installation but it turned out to be much harder than I realized. Please can someone help me out.

tl;dr New computer with old computer OEM OS. Cant go on Microsoft related websites.
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  1. You could contact Microsoft support by phone and tell them that you upgraded your Motherboard and HDD but more then likly you will have to buy win 7 retail version.
    It sounds like that the Vista is not activated with the key code because you changed motherboard. Vista has to be an activated copy to be able to upgrade to win 7.
  2. I figured out why I couldn't connect to certain websites. After I connected directly to the modem I was able to connect to any website I wanted.

    Why would my router be the issue here after going to a new MOBO?
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