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Just one question before I remove your site from my favorite list.
I know you need ad’s to support your site, which is fine.
But why do you continue to show these pop-ups every time I want to look at something on your site?
I can live with once (and than close), but you continue to keep up again and again with these pop-ups.
I have notice other sites are doing this too.
If I close it once that should tell you I'm not interested in your ad.
So good-bye and maybe sometime down the road I will check back to see if you finally got the message.

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  1. This is a problem and has been reported many times.

    My solution/recommendation:
    Download Firefox/Chrome and install AdBlockPlus.
  2. IDEA - how about the more content you produce for BOM the less adverts they throw at you? Given that a serious regular is producing content for BOM for free then it would be nice to have them show some love and remove the bloody things in return.

    Personally I go with Shadow, as do most other users on here.
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