Re-formatted. Use nvidia audio or Realtek onboard sound?

Dont have a sound card so have been using onboard since I got (homebuilt) my computer. I just re-formatted and realised that I unintentionally installed the nvidia nforce audio driver (usually use realtek). Which one is better (gaming and general)? The nv audio or realtek? I will be getting a sound card soon :lol: Thanks.
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  1. Probably wont matter. I would lean towards nVidia though.

    Unless you are an audiotype or have 12 speakers, a sound card isn't really worth the investment.
  2. Probably the one that your chipset actually has. You can check the chip (itll be very small) on the motherboard near the audio ports. If there's a chip with the little realtek crab thing, then use the realtek driver.

    But if you have the Nvidia one installed, and it's not giving you any problems, it will work for you. Besides, its just temporary, as you're getting a discreet solution soon.

    @Shadowduck: There's a reason you forgot for having a discreet audio solution: it takes the processing of the sound off the processor and puts it on the sound processing chip. Just something to think about... :D
  3. Right thanks guys i'll stick with the nvidia for the moment. Will have a new soundcard soon. X-FI Platinum.
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