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i dont know that much about computers so feel free to make fun of me. but before i waste money on a graphics card i want to be sure it is compatiable with my cpu. i have a gateway model gt5018e witha intel pentium d 820 processor the main board i beleive is an intel 975 x express also have 1014 mb ddr ram. the card i am looking to get is an xfx geforce 7600 gt xxx edition is this card compatiable with my cpu or not that you for you understanding and replies.

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  1. all cpu's and gfx cards are complatable with each other, the real question is whether or not your psu will be able to handle the 7600gt. try to find the specs of your psu and post 'em. my guess is no btw.
  2. if your mobo has a pci-e x16 slot then the 76gt should work fine.
    if the 76gt is a pci-e x16.

    they make them in agp too.
  3. Everyone's a beginner at some point, so don't sweat it. Besides, the person that isn't learning isn't a wise man ;)

    Your question shouldn't be whether the video card is compatible with your CPU (or memory) should be whether it's compatible with your motherboard. ;) You have a PCI-express motherboard, so a XFX 7600GT pci-express video card will be compatible.

    Assuming you have a decent power supply (the 7600 isn't too power hungry), you should be fine.

    So, short answer: YES. :D Have fun with the 7600, it's a great card.
  4. my motherboard does have a pci express slot thanks for the replies
  5. look at this and click on components, they list everything out for you! from the specs on that mobo says it has a pci-16x slot, so you should be able to use it, but the psu's are in the 300w range, im not sure they'll be able to handle a 7600gt.
  6. LOL I was gonna do that but was too lazy to search ;)

    Figures.....HP/Dell/etc ALWAYS cheap out on the PSU.

    So, the question is not whether his mobo is PCI-e......the question is whether his PSU can handle a 7600GT.

    Looks like the recommended PSU is 400w with 18A on the 12V rail. Best I can find is that it draws 39W at full load.

    So, long story short Thomas: you might need a new power supply to run a 7600GT. Can't find out the exact specs of your current one, so you should probably take it in and find out if you'll need a new one.......or else get a different vid card.

    My suggestion: get a new power supply for $40 that can handle the 7600GT and then you're fine.
  7. alright how do you hook up a power supply

    here is an artical with pics on replacing power supplies, just did a google search on "howto replace power supplies." Hope this link helps you out. but when disconecting the wiring dongles do not twist or rock the connecters.(pull straight out) and of course unplug the power cord from the case first :lol: dont need ya to get zaped :lol:
    but unplug all wiring from back side of computer so you can move the case around with no problem. it is a little easier to lay the case on its side. So your over head light can shine inside the case.(have plenty of light). Hope this helps you out and good luck :D
  9. the 7600gt doesn't even need a seperate power connector from the psu. I have a 7600gt and the only power it uses is the power that the pci-e16 lane can provide.

    So, I do not think that you may need a new psu.

    If you want to find out, check out psucalculator and put in your components with the 7600gt and see what the wattage is.

    Update. I just looked at with an extra hd, and 2 drives with a sound card and it came to exactly 299 watts.

    Likewise, I would STRONGLY recommend that if you do not get a new psu now, you should be getting a new psu eventually. I personally do not like the fact that the companies put in crap psu's.
    You are luckier than I . I have an older dell 4550 that I added ram and a graphics card to. The memory config I have wasn't supposed to work and it did and my x800gto I put in wasn't supposed to work well and it did...
    EXCEPT: I am probably maxing out my psu when I used to game on it. It only has a 250 watt psu, but it did last me until I built my pc. With the dell, I can't upgrade the psu without cutting out the back....

    Stupid dell desktops...
  10. It's not a question that the 7600 doesn't need an external PCI-e connector. It's a question of total power draw and amperage required. Those are constants, whether it's a 7600GT or an 8800GTX......same rules still apply.

    So the fact that the 7600 draws power straight through the mobo is irrelevant. He needs to verify that his PSU is able to power the card. 300W is cutting it extremely close. I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable running it on 300W, and certainly not without verifying the amps being provided.

    Might run, might not. Might run for awhile, then crap out his system. Personally, I wouldn't take the chance. Some might, but I'd rather spend $40 on a PSU than blow a system ;)

    As for installing a PSU Thomas, it's quite easy. Unplug the power cord from the back of your tower, then unscrew the PSU at the back, then remove it. Put in the new one in reverse order. THEN, so you don't get lost with all those connections, just unplug one at a time from the old one, and put in a new connection that matches, one at a time. It'll be easier for you to follow what connector goes to which device. It's just like matching pairs.....remove the old cable and plug in a new one that looks exactly the same. Piece of cake.

    Plug back in the cord, turn on the machine, and there ya go!
  11. ordered the graphics card and a new psu that is rated at 585 watts it is an hec orion psu. thanks for all the help and hopefully it will work great for medieval total war 2 over. $200 to play a $50 game should be well worth it i hope
  12. Quote:
    $200 to play a $50 game

    thats how it goes :lol:

    i paid 75$ for flightsimx just to watch it bitchslap my 6800gt :lol:
  13. LOL.

    Look at this this way Thomas.......$200 to play a $50 game, but how many hours enjoyment will you get? A decent night out with a lady costs $200.....the game will last ALOT longer ;)

    Although.......the game won't kiss you goodnight either........ :roll:

    Ok, screw the game then.......spend the money on women!!!! 8)
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