Which is best out of these two older cards?

Having upgraded my rig I'm going to be selling off bits of my old rig. My brother in law currently has a 256Mb Radeon 9600 Pro card and he wants to know whether he would gain anything from buying my 256Mb GeForce 6600GT off me. What do you guys think?


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  1. The 6600GT is better than that 9600. Question is, how much do you want to sell it to him for? I would say no more than 30.
  2. Yes, your 6600GT is better.
  3. $30? New they are still $100. He should be able to get $50 anyway for an AGP 6600GT.

    Anyway, OP, the 6600GT is far better than the 9600 pro. It's even better than the 9800 pro.
  4. Well it depends on how old or what condition it is in. If he got it the time it came out, I would pay that much, maybe 5-10 bucks more. The 6600GT does beat the 9800pro though huh, wow. More new news to me. :D
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