Fan issues with stock heat sink on 965P-DS3 - Please help!

I'm doing a new build using an E6600 on the 965P-DS3 with the default intel heat sink. I think I have everything hooked up properly (plug from the heat sink's fan hooked into the cpu_fan header and connector from the PSU plugged into the sys_fan header) but for some reason the heat sink fan won't keep spinning. When I first hit the power switch it turns a few degrees and then stops. Nothing appears to be blocking it because i can get it to spin manually with my finger.

Any ideas as to what can be wrong would be appreciated. I'm wondering if I should just assume the heat sink fan is busted and go buy a new one aftermarket. Or is it possible that I'm just being too impatient and if I wait the fan will come back on in time? I'm worried about the CPU getting fried in the meanwhile...
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  1. Thanks for the reply, but that doesn't really address my actual question.
  2. doh, I just had to be patient, and the fan started spinning as expected. Never mind.
  3. I built a system several days ago using this board, the default heat sink fan, and the 6600 processor. My fan changes speed all the time and sometimes will turn completely off for a few seconds or longer. It never starts up when I turn the system on until 20 seconds or so. Kind of freaky. :D I was going to post a question about this and may still do so elsewhere. However, I get the impression that this is normal. I am running SpeedFan and it shows the processor at 35C which works for me. And that's running a virus scan along with uploading on a P2P network, listening to music, and surfing the Net. 50% or more CPU usage.
  4. Here's an update on what I posted immediately above. Last week I learned that the BIOS reading of the processor's temp is not actually measuring the processor but a nearby point. Same thing with Speed Fan. I then downloaded a program called CoreTemp which does show the correct temp. It was a good thing I did.

    While checking the program out I noticed that my processor temp was 75. That seemed WAY too high so I started looking around and found that the stock heatsink fan was not turning at all. I flicked it a couple of times and it started up and pulled the temp down. Within an hour the fan stopped again and would not start up. This was along with the usual continually changing of its speed.

    Here is what is happening. Others have had the same problem. The BIOS, under PC Health Status, sets the Fan Speed Control Method at Auto. This isn't working correctly in some cases. You need to change the setting to Disable (CPU fan runs at full speed). I also changed the next setting of Fan Speed Control Mode from Auto to the exact type of pin used on the power cable to the MB. I am now running both Speed Fan and Core Temp and check the first to make sure that the fan is continually running (mine is around 4900+) and the second to make sure the temp is normal (I am getting 37-42). I also uninstalled the program CoolIt that came with the Gigabyte CD setup. There are posts about this, and Gigabyte's repsonse, on Anandtech in the MB section under this specific MB in last weeks section of the thread.
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    Thank you! This actually explains a lot in my situation as I'm using an Artic Freezer Pro 7 that comes with the same fasteners as the Intel stock HSF. My temperatures are higher than necessary and the HSF has even come loose 2X when slightly knocked. Tuniq Tower, here I come. Thx again.
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