Whatever happened to Phase-Change-Cooling

I remember reading on Anandtech that some type of cooling called Phase Chage Cooling was coming out. Then I hear someone suggest Phase Change cooling and name a price of 900USD.
What is PhaseChangeCooling, how does it work, and where can one get it. Im not interested in buying, its just nice to know.

as always billdcat4
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  1. first of all, what the hell does james bond have to do with anything?

    anyway, phase change is extreme cooling, most systems manage temps anywhere from -20c to -60c, there mainly reserved for extreme oc-ing. the only way to get a system is to have a guy build one for you, or you build it yourself. It's kinda like water cooling, only you use gas instead. (the gas is changed into a liquid before it hits the cpu.) phase change has been around for a while btw.

    read this article, how to build a system and a basic explanation of how everything works.

  2. Nice link for a homemade phase.
    Again, James Bond!?!?
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