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i have 40 gb internal drive that i use to transfer data within two pcs.One of my PC is new an AMD 4200+ with Asus A8N motherboard and the second one is an old celeron based system.However from the past 15 days am experiencing a strange problem.the older pc doent show the second drive that i connect through IDE cable internally.It displays the drive as a 8gb drive that is "Not Initialized" in the computer management.
i restarted my pc in the morning and everything worked fine but after another reastart the drive is again gone with Not initialised in computer management.So i gusess i shouldnt be initialising the drive as the problem lies somewhere else but have no clue what it is.Although the drive works on the newer pc perfectly.
What shud i do to make the drive work on the older pc without losing the data on it.
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  1. Is the 40Gb HDD partitioned?
    Have you double checked the master/slave/cs settings when running it :?
  2. Is something wiping out the signature data on the drive? Put it back in the newer PC and see if the data is still intact.

    I had a similar problem that caused 500gb drives to show up as 2048gb drives (I wish), but I was connecting an FC-SATA bridge and a SAS HBA to a single SATA drive at the same time though an active-active MUX card and didn't really expect it to work. After repeatedly trashing my raid array I gave up and just used a single drive to do my test with frequent enabling and disabling of the drives and rebooting the system (windows does some really weird caching tricks that will easily trash your data when hot-swapping drives, make sure you either really know what you're doing or properly shutdown and restart the computer every time you swap drives).

    Check your system log, does it say something about "device not ready"?
    (i assume you're running windows: right-click My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer > System) If the data is intact and the drive still works properly on the newer PC and your system log says the device isn't ready try updating your IDE controller driver or re-installing the latest driver for that chipset.

    Let us know how it goes.
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