What MB for e6400 core2duo that overclocks well?

I'm going to buy a


what's the best mobo or type of mobo for this that oc's well?
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  1. How far do you want to OC? What's your budget? Dual graphics setups?
  2. single, radeon x1900gto +, want to hit 3ghz
  3. BioStar
    Gigabyte S3
    Gigabyte DS3
    Asus P5B Deluxe

    From the cheapest to the most expensive. Look at the feature they offer, namely RAID/Dual NIC/More Sata/eSata and so on. Any of these board will take you to 3ghz, it's a matter of which feature you like.

    You will also need ram capable of DDR750, DDR800 would be a good choice!
  4. Quote:
    want to hit 3ghz

    even the abit AB9 series & the MSI 965 Platinum should also be able to do that although neither is in the upper echelon of 965s overclocking wise
  5. PFF, take the Biostar out of the list, its unstable when overclocking and has a very high DOA ratio.
  6. I don`t ave any 1st hand experience...but the reviews are good!
    I will stop recommanding it then!
  7. Quote:
    PFF, take the Biostar out of the list, its unstable when overclocking and has a very high DOA ratio.

    I must have been lucky the. My biostar is flawless and rock solid. I have had it only 2 days but it runs my e6300 @ 3.1ghz without issue.
  8. Is there really a point of getting the Gigabyte 965P DS3 over the Gigabyte 965P S3? Unless I'm missing something the only difference is the DS3 will live longer, it would be like 7 yr life vs 10. Nobody in their right mind would keep the same motherboard for that long.
  9. You forgot the DFI Infinity 975X/G... ;) top performer!
  10. More like 6 to 30 years...
  11. But still, who keeps a motherboard for 6 years? On newegg it's 125 vs 130, and personally I don't think it's worth the extra $5.
  12. Only $5? PFF, for bragging sake I would pay those $5. Also keep in mind that when you keep everything overclocked 24/7 capacitors will reduce their lifespan.
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