Internet stops working after a period of Inactivity

HEy guys I am using a motorola cable modem (Comcast) and dell wireless router On win XP.

If Nobody uses the internet for some time my cable modem kind of goes to sleep. The wireless cnnection says that it is connected but the internet does not work. Pinging the wireless router gets a reply but pinging the modem doesnt. Ive gone through the pages for the wireless router (by entering its IP address in IE) and it shows the status of cable modem as disconnected.
Even if I directly connect the cable from the modem it still doesnt work. THe only way to solve it is to just restart the modem.

Also when the modem gets in this state all the green LEDs are on and the orange one (indicating internet activity is just turned on but not blinking as it usually does when the internet is workng).

This isnt related to my laptop since the same thing happens on my other laptop and desktop.

If anyone has any solution please reply...
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  1. sounds like either the modem is crashing, or is dropping the connection.
    Best bet would be to call your ISP when this happens, as they can look and see if the modem is speaking to their DSLAM.
  2. Call comcast and tell them you want a new modem as this one keeps flaking out.

    It could also be low signal level. Friend, who works for comcast, had connection problems untill they installed a booster on his line.
  3. I just finished fixing my sisters cable connection. She had two splitters going from the wall to to sep. TV's and then to her cable modem. If you have any splitters, then try replacing them or it to see of that fixes the issue. She too had the same issue where her connection would drop after time. Sometimes, it is a coax that is not terminated properly. Check all connections just to make sure that it's not a coax connection issue.

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