Can't delete or rename files on external hard drive

I just figured out that I can't delete files from my external hard drive. It's WD Elements 320GB. Only thing I did before this occured is that I converted file system from FAT32 to NTFS via command in cmd prompt, but I'm not sure if that showed up after that.
So, I don't have "delete" or "rename" commands on right click. What do you suggest me to do, and are there some ways to fix this issue? Backup of all files is a no go since I don't have so much free space atm. I use my user account which is also admin account.
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  1. I solved this by powering my hdd off and on again. USB cable unplugging didn't help. I don't know why this happens but I think that it should have to do something with Win7 and permissions.
  2. had the same problem ... switched off the hdd and after 10 sec switched back on; success on deleting files
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