core 2 duo temps on zalman 9500 & mobo monitoring

iv got a core 2 duo e6600 oc'd to about 2.67ghz usign a 9500 cooler

gigabytes utility reports the temps at abt 23C max under full load

i noe the zalman coolers are great and all that and my house is pretty cool (tempwise) but is 23C way off the mark?

core temp reports the temperature correctly... lol
does anyone know a utility that can accurately do temps, fan speed and cpu speed/fsb etc real time?
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  1. Have you tried using CoreTemp?
  2. 23C!?! I wish mine ran at room temp! Think your readings might be off a bit. Shure you wern't looking at the mb temp?
  3. My 6700 runs 25 - 34 degrees celcius depending on the ambient temp. You have your core2duo at about the same speed so I'd say that's pretty normal as long as it is cool in your house and you have adequate case cooling.
  4. Yep, it is quite difficult if your room temperature is between 24-27 degrees celcius, like mine.. Humidity levels also play a role hey. Use Core Temp, i think they released a new version about a week and a half ago..
  5. That's definately on the cool side. If I downclock to stock, mine will run about 38c full load. I don't have to give vCore the first bump until 3.4Ghz, so at 3.7, vCore is at 1.5125 BIOS, actual fluctuates between 1.480 to 1.504 at 52c full load, according to SpeedFan 4.31.
  6. That's pretty cool for a Core 2, my E6600 @ 3.0 Ghz idles at 30C.
  7. Yes, at first glance it would seem so. I've been able to achieve low temps because of the extensive cooling mods I've designed into my case, so the result is nearly perfect airflow with positive pressure inside the case. 38c idle, 52c full load at 3.7Ghz with a fair bit of vCore.

    Also, the ATI X1900 series discharges it's heat through the back of the case, so it doesn't create heat polution inside the case, which would cause all the system components to run warmer. It was a lot of work, but it works extremely well, so it was worth all the effort.

    I think that Tecno-Sponge probably has a temp sensor that's a liitle off. Room temp at full load with stock vCore and a moderate OC just isn't right.
  8. thanks for the tip

    i tried core temp which reported about 33C idle and 51C loaded which is more realistic (e6600 oc'd to about 2.56ghz atm)

    gigabytes utility still reports about 15~48C for the mobo temp and 15-33C for the cpu irrespective of loading
  9. If you did a cold bootup (pc was switched off for a while) you have to let it run for say half an hour.. Then you'll get your idle temps..

    Coz when i boot up in the mornings, my idle temp is about 22degrees, but it goes up to about 45degrees (CoreTemp) and stays there after about a half an hour. My CPU never goes over 50Degrees. Dont think any game really pushes an E6600 to 100% though
  10. Flight Simulator X is very heavily CPU bound, and demands every bit of CPU horsepower you can throw at it.
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