Will my mobo support a dx10 card ?

I have a asrock 775dual915GL mobo . I am waiting for a midrange dx10 card.I would like to know if my mobo will support dx10 cards . Here is link to the officially supported cards(seems unupdated ) .since no dx10 card is in the list , does it mean that dx10 cards are unsupported ?


Thanks a lot.
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  1. if you have AGP slot i think they(nvidia or ATI) dont have plans to put on the market a agp dx10 card, but i may be wrong
  2. Ati is putting out an agp version of the X1900. This is probably the best upgrade you can get. I have heard nothing about a dx10 agp card. Thinking that agp dies with dx9.
  3. Thanks.
    I have a pcie slot . But my mobo manual says that not all cards are supported as it is pciex4 or something . So I would like to know if it supports a dx10 card.
  4. Chances are that your mobo will support a DX10 card, but only having a 4x PCIe signal may limit the performance of a DX10 card.

    If I (hopefully) remember correctly, 8x AGP has a half duplex throughput of 2.1GB'/sec whereas 4x PCIe has a full duplex throughput of 2GB/sec. While they are rated (about) the same speed, PCIe being full duplex allow for 2GB/sec in each direction and at the same time; while 8x AGP being half duplex only allows 2.1GB/sec throughput at one time. So, with that said, a 4x PCIe slot is about the same speed as an 8x AGP slot but with the advantage of sending and receiving 2GB/sec of data at the same time.

    There was/is debate over whether or not newer PCIe video cards even use the full bandwidth equivalent of 8x AGP, but I would say that newer DX10 cards are being made to take advantage of the full bandwidth of the PCIe bus. That is why they switched over to PCIe from AGP in the first place.

    Anyway, your mobo should accept and be compatible with a 16x PCIe DX10 card but may be limited by only having a 4x PCIe signal.

    Good luck!
  5. http://www.asrock.com/product/775Dual-915GL.htm

    You have 16x slot, but like you said it only has 4x signals. That's probably why the list of compatible video cards only includes up to the 6600 series of nVidia and the x1600 series of ATI; those cards probably don't use bandwidth beyond 4x.

    Anyways, I wouldn't recommend getting any new video card with that motherboard. That 4x signal is going to be a big bottleneck. The cards WILL likely work, but not very well.

    Just get yourself a new mobo. LGA775 motherboards are dirt cheap and have full 16x slots w/ 16x bandwidth.
  6. Thanks a lot. That makes things crystal clear for me.

    So my mobo does support dx10 cards . But i suppose i'll get a new mobo .
    I have a p4 3.00GHz HT lga775 processor . Which mobo do u recommend ?
    I'm low on budget , so which is the best buy ?
  7. The asus p5b delux is suposed to be a great mb if you want sli/crosfire support. ~$185

    Msi's p965 platinum is a good buy with out sli/crosfire at $135.
  8. thanks . I dont think i want sli . I think i'll cross the bridge when i come across the river . I'll see how much money i have left after buying the card and then choose the mobo upgrade.
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