e6400 (e6300?) Vs. e6600

not sure if this has been posted already but..

if we were to disregard clock speeds how much of a difference would the difference in cache between the two models make ? I'm just wondering because if it doesnt make a huge difference and i can overclock the e6300 to a frequency in which the difference in performance would not warrant paying an extra 120 or so dollars.

thanks in advance.
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  1. The E6600 is 5-8% faster with the L2 cache alone and about 20% faster overall than an E6400. However, you should be able to get a 50% percent overclock with the E6400 with the right motherboard/memory combination.
  2. yeah the only difference between them is the 2mb extra cache. Even the E6300 can reach the E6600 in performance.
  3. I'll be using the eVGA 680i Sli board is that a good board for overclocking a conroe?
  4. Preliminary outlook says it is supposed to be a really good platform for Conroe, but hasn't been extensively reviewed and tested yet w/ diferent vendors.
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