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Hi Folks

I'm trying to find out if the x16 PCIe slot on the AB9 Pro is hard wired in any way so that it will only accept graphics cards

I've got a x4 (non graphics) PCIe card and the only slot it will physically fit in to on the AB9 Pro is the x16 (I've read a number of articles that say a x4 card will work in a x16 slot, see here for example)

Despite what the above link says I'm concerned that there's some fancy jiggery pokery been done to the x16 slot so that it will only work with graphics cards because the AB9 Pro manual says "Install PCI Express x16 graphics card into slot 'PCIEXP1'"

Obviously the wording in the manual could just be because ABit are only expecting people to use the board with high spec graphics cards rather than because of any technical limitation in the usage of the slot.

The project I'm working on doesn't require decent graphics so I'm happy to make use of a low end PCI display adaptor leaving the x16 slot free for other uses

Has anyone got any experience of using non graphics PCIe cards in the only x16 on a modern motherboard?


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  1. Any PCIe x16 card should work in the slot. It's not like AGP where the mobo only has one slot used only for graphics cards.
  2. I successfully got a PCIe x4 SATA disk controller (HighPoint RocketRAID 2310) working on my abit KN8-SLi. However, I did have to move my GPU from the PCIEXP1 slot to the PCIEXP2 slot where the shadow card used to be for it to boot. If I kept my GPU in slot 1 and the RAID card in slot 2, it would not boot at all. Switching them around let it work fine. I hear this is common in NVIDIA SLi chipsets, it might be on Intel chipsets too.

    Two questions:

    1. Does the AB9 Pro have a shadow card that sticks in the empty PCIEXP2 slot if there's no card in there?

    2. Is the card a disk controller? If it is, may I ask which one it is?
  3. Quote:
    1. Does the AB9 Pro have a shadow card that sticks in the empty PCIEXP2 slot if there's no card in there?

    the AB9/AB9 Pro only have 1 x16 PCI-E slot
    The new AB9 QuadGT has 2 physical x16 slots although the 2nd only runs at x4 electrically.
    None have shadow cards.
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