whats the best for $250 PCI-E

what's the best PCI-E card i can get with $250 shipped from newegg....

i want one that will take a sh!t on my 7800gt i got now......
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  1. Best $250 card : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102067

    You'll have to skip a lunch to cover the $6 shipping though. :P
  2. is that better than a 7950gt
  3. X1950XT > 7950GT
  4. any reasons why the radeon outperforms the 7950gt? It seems as if the 7950 are more expensiver at newegg than the X1950XT........

    anyone else wants to chime in on this debate?
  5. The reason is that it's a faster card, plain and simple.
    Price doesn't necessarily indicate speed. A Mustang GT is faster than any given Rolls Royce...

    Higher memory bandwidth is probably to blame, but the huge number of pixel shaders in the X1950 XT vs the 7950 doesn't hurt either.

    Here's a review:


    Even the cheap $220 X1950 PRO can almost keep up with the 7950 GT. The GT is simply overpriced...

    Here's another recent review of the 7950 GT vs an X1900 XT. The X1950 XT isn't reviewed but the X1900 XT eats the 7950 GT alive, and the X1950 XT should be even a bit faster than the X1900 XT:

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