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Hey all - I have a quick question. Will any CPU fan rated for a 478 socket fit on a mother board with a CPU socket 478? I have a DFI 865PE Infinity mobo with a 478 socket and my CPU fan is making an f'ing racket, so its time to replace it. But before I go and drop monies on a new fan, I just wanted to check that a purchase I make will fit my mobo. I'm currently looking at this.

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  1. If you can find only the fan that'll be enough since you've said that the fan begin to dead.

    Anyway...they'll fit into socket 478 as the HSF specs said, but you might consider the HSF size or dimension so you won't slapping yourself when you install it, it stuck with the capacitors near the CPU socket or with the memory. Make sure you have enough space.
  2. Gah, dont pick a cooler that has the 478 socket at a maximun! Dont pick Ultra either.
    Whats the farthest you can push the budget?
  3. Why not pick a fan with a 478 max? I'm not sure that I understand what you're getting at.
  4. Because if you pick something better more future proof youll be able to reuse it later on. But you need to stretch to budget to some $30 at least to get a really one.
  5. You'll regret it in a month if you don't. Trust me.
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