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I currently own a XFX GeForce 7900 GS part #: PVT71PUDF3

I would like to buy a second and run SLI. Am I required to purchase the exact same model#? I dont see that exact model # on NewEgg anymore. Can I possibly run any of these XFX 7900GS cards? PVT71PUQF3, PVT71PUDP3

Are there certain do's and dont's when purchasing a second card for SLI when not buying them at the same time?
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  1. You don't need the exact same card.

    You can run any other 7900GS.
  2. What prozac26 said.
  3. They are both correct. The most important rule is to ensure they both have the same GPU (so two 7900GS cards). To make it easy its a good idea to make sure they both have the same amount of memory. If the speeds do not match that is fine as they will both run at the speed of the slower card. More can be found at www.slizone.com or feel free to keep asking us.

    XFX Support
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    They are both correct.

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