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  1. You miss my point, I don't necessarily believe anything I just said. I was merely demonstrating an opposing subjective argument.

    My point is that whether you believe your unpopular facts are true (I agree with some, not with others, but thats not for this forum), they are subjective, based on your perception. I guarantee there are others out there that believe they have equally unpopular and true facts.
  2. Quote:
    and has failed to live up to his promises on the economy and health care.

    At the risk of turning this into a idiotic politics argument im going to ask a couple questions

    #1. what promises has he lived up to let alone those and
    #2. i swear he broke all them almost in hte first couple months.

    Now onto the argument of good looks and such.

    Bush for example didnt have popularity the first time he was elected didnt have it through his first 4 years. He still doesnt have it. He speaks like a trained monkey.

    Now i would be interested to see peoples views on how a man that hasnt kept one promise, that has totaly destroyed the country handed to him, And has been unpopuler since his election can still be elected two times on good looks :D

    Seriously things like this could have marrit since it would be the only thing that could possibly explain his terms. (that and his family pretty much buying it for him)
  3. I don't think I am touching that one... I try to avoid talking politcs on these forums. :twisted:
  4. Yes, but there are certain facts that can only be disputed with opinions, which I like to point out anyway since people seem blind:

    1.) Kennedy sent the first wave of actual fighters to Vietnam.
    2.) The economy tanked in 2000 following a noticeable crash in 1999 and a brief recovery. Bush took office in 2001.

    I'm accutely familiar with #2 as I was looking for an internship at the time.
  5. 8O ..................CRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  6. Nah, people were going blind long before they could blame it on staring at a CRT all day :wink:
  7. Quote:
    Nah, people were going blind long before they could blame it on staring at a CRT all day :wink:
    Lookin' at pr0n all day will do that to ya, whether you have a CRT or an LCD. :P
  8. Shit, really?
  9. Quote:
    I don't think I am touching that one... I try to avoid talking politcs on these forums. :twisted:

    You sir are a vary smart man. And i played with fire even making that post :D

    After looking at the first part of your sig however i hope you dont find another post i made on here or you might twitch :twisted:
  10. I do not aim to get into a debate on facts with you, however, I will point out one last thing as part of my subjective argument:

    I have talked to many people that blamed Clinton's early economic success on having a Republican Congress, saying that Congress was in charge of the economy, not the president. These same people later placed the economic slowdown squarely on Clinton's shoulders. As I said, most of these things are subjective.

    For the record, I am also very aware of the economic situation of the time since I was working in a building trades union (Generally a very good indicator of the overall strength of the economy is how much work we got) for some of that time, and working an internship for the rest of it. Not that that fact is really relevant.
  11. Ehh, I tend not to take anything on here too seriously. Though I do enjoy a good debate.
  12. To give any political body credit for the strong economy created by the PC explosion is a disservice to the millions of people who made it possible.
  13. Everyone come to europe!!! Sorted.
  14. Exactly, thats why I said its subjective.

    Many of the same people deserve credit for the ensuing economic turndown as well, as a lot of it was due to the dotcom implosion brought upon by flawed economic models and spending Millions in capital without ever making a profit. That and the fact that companies were already beginning to misrepresent their earnings to make themselves look better...
  15. Quote:
    Ehh, I tend not to take anything on here too seriously. Though I do enjoy a good debate.

    You and me could be good friends then if you love a good debait and dont get offended by personaly opinions a strong ones :)
  16. just got a 20.1" westinghouse 8ms lcd for 229$ best buy.

    um.. it rocks. blows my dell 19" crt away......... its wicked.

    no ghosting @ 8ms or less.
  17. As long as people keep personal attacks out of it, its all good with me.
  18. Not Bad.
  19. Quote:

    DLP sucks compared to LCD. With DLP projectors you ca see this awful shimmer on everything that moves.

    I'm pretty sure you're talking rear DLP projection. Front DLP projection is quite good, and AFAIK is the technology utilized in modern movie theaters.

    Can we keep on topic of computer monitors, though?
  20. NO, any relevance of this post to original topic (which was beaten to death), died long ago. Thats what happens to all posts that are aver a few pages.

    BTW, LT is the best player in football, and Adult swim rules! :wink: :twisted:
  21. Yeah, I know. Somehow these things always evenetually regress to one big pissing contest.

    My point is, that's cool, 'cause that's easy to distinguish from the actual discussion. But when people start bringing TVs into to - that's too close to the actual topic and might confuse people.

    I guess there's the risk you take asking advise in any kind of forums - there's as much bad advice to be had as there is good.
  22. True, and usually twice as much bad as good...
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