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:( hi i am new to the site, i have bellsouth fast access with a westell c90 router and linksys wrt54gs wireless router, we lost power and now the linksys will not conncet to the westell anymore can any one help
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  1. Not familar with the westell router?/modem?

    The best way to reset connections due to a powerloss is.

    1. Kill the power to both units.
    2. Powerup the Westell, wait till all lights settle down, generally 1-2 min.
    3. Power up the Linksys, wait till all lights settle down, generally 1-2 min.
    4. Turn on you pc and see if it retrives a IP address from the Linksys.
    test you connection.

    if not: login as admin to the linksys router.
    Go to the status page and check the connection status. (connected or NOT).

    If not the modem did not make a connection.

    Connect the modem directly to the PC, perferability with firewall.
    Check you local network connection, for new IP and DNS info.
    If not restart modem and check again.
    If Not connection cotact your ISP. Your DSL/ISP, may be dead.

    Most Modem have indicator lights indicating Power, Line (DSL/Cable), Net, Send, receive .... You should see activity lights blinking (send/rec). Power, Line (DSL/Cable), Net should be solid Green. ....

    This should give you a starting point.
  2. I also have DSL with a Westell modem and Linksys WRT54g router. What you do is this:

    Have two computers ready with individual connections to both devices (ie. one LAN connection from Westell router to 1st comp, and one LAN connection from 2nd comp to Linksys router). Also make sure that both the routers do not have ANY CONNECTION between them.

    When you login with your local IP address ( in mozilla, you will come to a main menu. There it should have a name (yourname.lastname). Copy that and your router password to a temp txt file, or you can just remember it.

    Connect routers together, and disconnect computer connections.

    Next, go to the Linksys router and in the last menu (under settings) copy that info in the correct boxes, and hit update settings. After, hit "connect", and wait.

    Connect one computer from the linksys router to a computer, and the interet should be up.

    *Other things to remember- make sure you disable wireless connectivity, and also DHCP. Also make sure that static IP is up and running.

    Thats it!! :)
  3. Since you experienced a power outage prior to losing internet connection with the router, the router's firmware may have been corrupted. Just look at the LED's at the front of the router and you'll know your router's condition. A blinking power LED or a red DIAG LED means the firmware has been corrupted. Just press the reset button at the back for 10-12 seconds while the router is on as a first step.
    ***Resetting the router sets it back to factory default settings though.

    If the power LED is solid and you don't see any DIAG LED, the router just needs to be reconfigured.

    Now to revive internet connection. There are 2 ways to set up the WRT54GS with your Westell modem.

    The best way to know which setup will work for you, remove first the router from your network. Connect your main pc directly to the modem and if you need not log in to Bellsouth before you can get online thru the modem, that means the router must be set up to obtain it's IP automatically DHCP. And all you have to do here is to clone the MAC address of your main pc to the router and change the LAN IP address of your router. Here are the steps on how to do this:

    a.] Connect your main pc to port #4 at the back of the Linksys router. You just want the pc and the router connected to each other at this point.

    b.] Check if #4 is lit at the front of the router. If it is, you may proceed. If it isn't lit, verify your physical connections. Make sure your ethernet cable is connected properly on both ends.

    c.]Open your command promt by click Start > Run > type cmd then hit the enter key. On the black window, type ipconfig then hit enter. Look for the default gateway[usually].

    c.] Access the setup page of the router by typing the value for your default gateway[usually] on your browser's address bar. A username and password window should appear.
    Leave the username blank then type admin for the password. Click OK and you will then arrive at the setup page.

    *If you cannot get to the username and password window, If you are using Internet Explorer, try disabling any firewall program that you have installed on your pc and check on your browser settings. Click "tools" > "internet options" > on the connections tab, "never dial a connnection" should be selected. Click on "LAN settings" and no option should be selected there. Apply those settings then go to the privacy tab and have the pop-up blocker disabled if you have it installed.
    Apply the settings then try accessing again the default gateway[usually] ***I sound like a broken record. =)

    d.]When you're inside the setup page already, click the sub tab for MAC address clone. Enable it then click the clone MAC button. Click save settings at the bottom of the page afterwards. Click continue.

    e.]Click on the basic setup sub tab then change the LAN IP address of the router from to then click save settings at the bottom of the page. You may get a message after a few seconds. Just allow the page to close if you see any message.

    f.]Unplug the power from the router. Unplug the power from the Westell modem. Shut down your pc. Wait for 1 minute.

    g.]Connect the Westell modem to the internet port of the router then power up your modem. Wait for 2 minutes then power up the router. Wait for the power LED to be solid on the router. Boot up your pc then try going online.
    If you still can't get online, access the setup page fo the router again. You need to use the new IP address of the router though. Type on your browser's address bar. Again, leave the username blank and type admin for the password. Set up the router for PPPOE by following this link from the Linksys Knowledge Base:

    I really hope this helps you. Cheers! =)
  4. I'm sorry but the LAN IP address of the Linksys router should be set to instead of The Westell modem may be in the 192.168.1.XXX segment. My mistake.

    Cheers! =)
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