My 6-700$ Upgrade - thoughts?

all prices are Australian $$$ BTW

I am upgrading my pc and my dads pc soon.
my pc is used for games and my dads just for internet, email, cs 1.6, simple stuf

my pc:
A64 3000+ s754
GB K8VT800 s754
2x512 DDR400
Generic Case/Psu

my dads comp is just a p3-733. the 40GB HDD and 110D can be used in the new system. i also have a spare 512MB ram(may not work)

I was thinking of getting:
Powercolor x1950pro - 295$
Coolermaster I-Green 500W - 120$
Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS s939 MB - 65$
Athlon64 3700+ s939 - 140$
Total: 620$

then my old MB,cpu, gpu can go to my dads pc. and he will pay for a new case(Asus TA881(58$) and a new 512MB DDR400 if needed.
I wont be OC'in either.

if i can ill get a 4200+ 939.

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  1. Im from the UK and Im not certain about the exchage rate so cant give you an exact set up. I strongly suggest you opt for a core 2 duo processor, they are the best price/performance CPU's on the market right now.

    I would get 2x512 of PC6400 DDR2 (not much more expensive than PC5300 now anyway), you will probably want to upgrade this to 2gigs later on.

    The hard drive and CD drive you can keep, but I strongly suggest you invest in a name brand PSU, it wont have to be something really powerfull just not some generic 400w POS.

    Graphically Im think a radeon x1900GT of geforce 7900GS/GT.
  2. Not too bad. Make some changes? Now, your wanting the x1950pro, so I would go with either this:

    or this, good price after rebate:

    I realize these are USD prices, but this is just for comparison.

    Processor wise, upgrade to a dual core, preferably the X2 3800. You'll see a nice improvement over the single.

    Powersupply: Try to find this, Don't know the extent of that powersupply too well:

    Everything else looks fine, hope the ram is good. Good luck :D
  3. He is going to have to get a new motherboard to support dual core anyway (his current motherboard is socket 754), so why not just get a core 2 duo?
  4. for the x1950pro i was gonna get the Powercolor extreme. its 15$ cheaper than the sapphire/asus and it has the Arctic cooler Accelero which is nice.

    I cant go C2D because i cant afford it.
    285$ for graphics card
    120$ for PSU
    at least $70 for MB

    that leaves me with a max of about 170$
    and i need 400$ for C2D+1GB DDR2 ram.

    i dont want the Asrock 775Dual VSTA board coz the 4x slot will bottleneck my x1950pro
  5. Go with the dual core X2 3800 and a cheap AM2 motherboard. Should be set from there.
  6. i wont be able to afford the x2 3800 but i may be able to get the x2 3600+

    with the 3600+, 1GB Samsung 667 and a cheap AM2 MB would i be able to OC much?
  7. The 3800+ X2 is £7 cheaper than the C2D over here in the UK, the motherboards for it start at about £75 for a 965p based one. If you are going to go for socket AM2 and DDR2 anyway then I dont see the problem?
  8. well i aint getting the 3800.
    maybe the 3600+
    in aus:
    e6300 = 250$
    3800+ = 220$
    3600+ = 180$

    im considering just getting a e6300 and an asrock 775 Dual VSTA for now.
  9. That sounds good. If im correct, that supports a AGP and PCI-e slot? If so, then you can squeeze some more like out of the delapatated 9600(yea, I think I spelled it wrong)
  10. Quote:
    That sounds good. If im correct, that supports a AGP and PCI-e slot? If so, then you can squeeze some more like out of the delapatated 9600(yea, I think I spelled it wrong)

    yea it has AGP, PCIE, DDR and DDR2. i will be upgrading to a x1950pro anyway(i gotta get rid of my 9600pro)
    I can squeeze more life out of my ddr ram :D

    PS: i dont know if you spelt it wrong or not
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