Asus p5b delux with OC DDR2-800 or DDR2 1066?

I think there are already many post on this one.

I am going to buy Asus P5B delux and E6400 CPU
I wanted to buy Kingston® HyperX® PC2-8500 or Corsair's XMS2
And I wanted to use OC to push CPU to 3.4Ghz

Now there is a confusion in selecting the memory
I saw many places that threre is no much performance difference in
DDR2-800 DDR2-1066 onwords.
and DDR2-1066 looks very costly

So my question is if am going to buy DDR2-800 then can I achive same performance improments (as written in several other forms and threads) in all aspects except memory with out pushing memory clock beyond 800?
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  1. According to Dario and the ramlist, the 10th anniversary is handpicked.

    So you will either not reach as high of an OC or as tight timmings but yeah the performance should be similar but not as uniform.

    I was looking at this Ballistix and it is probably one of the better deal right now.
    These are what I got, they were 15$ cheaper though. Don't let the CL5 fool you =).

    @the op: The Ballistix will take you to 3.4 easily, in fact they should be good for ~4ghz
  2. My question was not which memory is good for OC,
    But I wanted to know If i am not OCing memory then is it possible to oc other parts and how much I can push them
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