My E6600 bottle-necking an 8800GTX?????

Hello all.

I was reading the article on the front page about the 8800GTX needing to have a Core 2 Duo Extreme processor to really make it worthwhile.

I was thinking of upgrading my 7900GT to the 8800GTX on my new (3 months old) system that was built around the (not OC'ed yet) E6600. If I get the 8800GTX will it really be like "hooking up a pair of garbage speakers to a Bose or Klipsch sound system" like they state in the article?

I'm thinking that I need to OC my E6600 some if I get the 8800GTX.

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    This article is about amd cpus but the fx62 is by a nuance weaker than E6600. On the other hand you can OC your cpu to a C2D Extreme 6800 if you have a decent mobo and cooling fan.

    On some games the answer is yes to your question. It depends... but maybe the new games in 2007 will prove that it will be a slight bottleneck effect for you....I just speculate.
  2. Moving from the E6600 to an X6800 is going to offer very little in-game improvement. Your benchmarks may go up, but your actual FPS increase won't be much. If anything, you can easily overclock the E6600 to speeds well past the stock speeds of a X6800. I know someone is going to say "but you can overclock the X6800 too!" Just for the performance gain, spending $1000 isn't worth it. Not even close.
  3. Reread the article. It doesn't say anything about making it "worthwhile". It just shows what more you can get from it with the top of line CPU. Many people aren't going to be able to afford that set-up after spending that much money on the GPU. I wouldn't worry about bottlenecking that card too much with an E6600.
  4. In the article that funnyvlad posted, it shows how the 6600 tops out at certain specs at ultra high resolutions. Talking way past 1600x1200 and I dunno about you but I can play on 1280x1024 @ 4x anti-alaising without seeing a jigg/zig/or zag displayed.

    :!: Definently overclock that thing. Don't go and do yourself in 1000$ for 10fps and if you look at the high end res. benchmarks, the difference between them falls within 10fps.
  5. There's nothing wrong with an E6600/7900GT, unless you're filthy rich and already bored with your hardware.

    Your system's 3 months old? It's not even broken in yet.
  6. Going to a X6800 won't be much of an improvement, and thus not worth it.

    Also, technically, the X6800 is somewhat of a bottleneck on the G80s.

    Any modern CPU is fine with G80s, as getting the absolute best is not worth it.
  7. Don't fret; your E6600 will be more than fast enough.
  8. Ditto the other posts.

    Seems the only real bottleneck for the GTX is the flight sims, where the processer is the difference.

    On many boards the GTX and GTS score within a frame on each processor-

    8800 and FSX cpu comparisons
  9. The e6600 will only bottleneck at very low resolutions where the 8800gtx is burning its way through 180fps and still wants more but the cpu cant process the info fast enough to keep up. Remember, the modern cpu is no where near as powerful as the modern video card.

    If you start turning up the graphics, the card will start to show signs of stress and will fall in line with the cpu, and your bottleneck is gone. As for ultra high resolutions (above 1920x1440), I'm not sure. But since few people have monitors that display such high resolutions (unless theyre large high quality CRTs or massive LCDs), it doesnt really matter. At those resolutions with high graphics with AA and AF your gonna have low fps anyway.
  10. Hi, I'm a newcomer to this forum and I'm too interested in 8800GTX since I'll need to get another graphic cards.
    My new system is: P5N32-Sli Premium / C2D6600 / 2GB DDR2 800 / 2 HDs SATA / Thermaltake 650toughpower / Nautilus 500 watercooler.
    Basically what I do is fly the FSX.
    Will the 8800GTX be much better than 7900GTX? From your link I saw that there is difference between 3 top graphic cards running in different AA settings.
  11. yes...the 8800gtx is like a billion dollars(actually 600-500) and the 7900gtx is 300-500. the 8800gtx is dx10 while the 7900gtx is not. The 8800gtx is wayyyy better.
  12. I think he meant 600-700 for the 8800gtx, not 600-500 :wink:
  13. Thanks for your answer. Of course I'd like to build a system with two 8800gtx but it will be awhile until I got both. Even though is there any bad news about p5n32sli premium and 8800gtx? I wouldn't like buying so expensive graphic cards just to learn that it's a bad pair.
    I'm really curious about your c2d overclocked to 3,...Ghz. Could you give me tips?
  14. Personally, I don't think an 8800 is worth it... this is probably the completely wrong place to say this, eh..!

    But it's the first in a whole line of products, and as soon as nVidia and ATi have bought out their range of DX10 cards I think there's going to be alot more for your money available.

    But then again, if I had the kind of money to spend, I would probably get an 8800 "just because I can" :wink: It's just realistically, for someone who should be looking after their money, I don't think it's worth it :) Get a good (but not top notch) card now, then in 2/3 years time (or even a few months time) there will be better cards available for the same money.
  15. The 6600 is a nice fast processor, and NVidia would be fools to make a video card that crapped out using a processor of that caliber. The 8800 will run FINE.

    Damn you people with your Core Duos!
    <strokes Athlon 64>
  16. Quote:
    <strokes Athlon 64>

    <and burns himself> :wink:
  17. You'll be fine gaming anything up to 1600x1200 with maxed out visuals. If you have a higher resolution you'll start feeling a strain and there's where a secong GPU, faster core, or overclocking could help smooth out your framerates. I like having my second card because I turn on v-sync. This really smooths out tearing on large LCD's. When I run FRAPS it'll have a solid 60 frames on any game out right now.

    Remember when you turn on v-sync it will half your FPS, thus is a huge performance hit if you don't have a lot of power.
  18. <looks at charred body part, mumbles>
    "It's Ok, baby; I know you didn't mean that. It's Ok."

  19. I have a SAMSUNG LCD 19"
    Actually my power is a Thermaltake Toughpower 650 but I'll buy a TT 850 which is 4x6pin PCI-Express, since 8800gtx needs 2 6pin connectors to run at full power (info in tom's site) and I'll build a two 8800gtx in sli mode latter.
    My concern is that could be some kind of trouble between p5n32sli-premium and 8800gtx.
    After all I'm talking about $$$ costs.
  20. Didn't read your equip. It's terrific. An E6600 overclocked plus 2 8800gtx in sli mode and TT 850.
    I envy you!!!
    Could you give me some info about overclocking an E6600?
  21. I don't think it's worth it Smile Get a good (but not top notch) card now, then in 2/3 years time (or even a few months time) there will be better cards available for the same money.

    That's what I heard someone say six months ago. And someone else says it every time somebody wants to upgrade. Ad nauseum. Get what you want and enjoy.

    Your E6600 will rock, and it's easy to oc. I got mine this last week, and ran it up to 3.15ghz. It went up two degrees. Stable as could be. And it keeps my 8800GTS sailing. Showing 53000 on 3d mark 2001 (34000 with eye candy maxed). When my high-speed internet is back up (they say monday, let's hope) I'll get 2006. This is fun.
  22. hey cirurgiao,

    The 590 boards are not very good overclockers and will never reach the full potential of your core2 chip. You might think about getting a 680i board before going to dual 8800's if you are going to be serious about overclocking. This would get you more performance from your CPU and 8800's in Sli.

    I had a P5B deluxe/wifi which is also a great overclocker too, but lacking official sli support. I'd say that graphics power wise the Intel board performed about the same with a single 8800. I am able to get higher stable overclocks on the 680i than I did with the P5B.
  23. Sorry about the delay. Was in a 24-hour duty at emergency ward in hospital
    Your tips helped a lot since my intention is to buy two 8800gtx and put them to work in sli mode. I'm getting power with 850w (haven't decided between Silverstone Zeus 850 or tHermaltake Toughpower 850
    I'll need go to overclock session to learn much more before asking question about how to get an overclock so thanks
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