Enough with the Apple iPhone, iPad, etc. News Stories!

I just don't care what new cases, bugs, who's selling it, and what ever else is on the iPhone/iPad/iPod. The main page is littered with new things out/wrong with Apple products. I count 7 news stories today about Apple products. Apple has what... 9% market share?

Seriously! Come on now.

Make a Apple orientated site for the apple users already so I don't have to sift through all this garbage.
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  1. News is news, regardless of user preferences. The majority of those articles are on Tom's Guide anyway, which is all about consumer electronics, not the latest CPU architecture.
  2. I do agree to a certain extent with both of the posts above. I would like to point out that Toms is quite late in some of the tech news that are non- Apple related (ie. Firesheep tool,etc). I am not sure if there is a direct correlation but I would like the Toms editors to spend more time on reviews and actual news.
  3. The other day there was a whole pile of Microsoft and Windows news. Honestly, there isn't any particular bias when it comes to this type of hardware and gadget news - it's just news.
  4. Sorry, but new iPhone cases isn't considered news to me.
  5. Well they don't publish news just for you do they? ;)
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