Warnings re: P5N32E-SLI

Hopefully some people can learn from my "mistakes" when building a new 680i configuration. While I am not saying this is a "bad board", I want to set everyone's expectations when it comes to some of the board's touted new features.

I installed my P5N32E-SLI with a QX6700, EVGA 8800GTX, 2x750 + 1x150 Raptor and 2 GB Corsair 4-4-4-12. Everything originally went smoothly. :D

1st Problem - memory recognized with 5-5-5-15 timings. OK easy manual fix. Maybe not board's fault. :)

2nd Problem - I decided to overclock (a little) and a few attempts failed, but according to one of the boards features, I should just have to reboot and it should automatically revert back to defaults. Didn't work - had to manually clear CMOS a number of times and it is a pain to reach. :(

OK decided to leave defaults for now and install Vista (MSDN), alas no 8800GTX drivers. Let's install WinXP for now and do clean install of Vista later. :o

3rd Problem - SysMark settings are terrible with latest 8800 drivers. EVGA recommends installing older 8800GTX drivers (works much better) and contacting ASUS. ASUS tells me to upgrade bios even though the one on their site says 1st release it has a later date. Used new Windows Bios update utility - BIG MISTAKE! Corrupted BIOS -tried battery unplug, clear CMOS, etc.. No luck - dead board. 8O

4th Problem - So all I have to do is pop in the driver disk and the bios will be reinstalled according to another new feature. Of course, how the heck can you install off a CD if the machine won't even boot to Bios in the first place? Another meaningless "new feature". :cry:

5th Problem - called ASUS back and they didn't seem surprised and told me that they would just ship me a new chip to replace and this should fix everything, but I had to pay for shipping it ($20 express $5 regular). :x

So this saga is to be continued, but so far I must say I am not at all thrilled with ASUS, nor the many touted features that supposedly set this board apart from reference 680i boards.

- Bill
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  1. Asus has often shipped out MBs with an inadequate BIOS

    The old P5N32 SLI deluxe didnt even suport dual core CPUs untill you upgraded the bios and you needed a single core CPU to do it!!! (so i had to buy a single core CPU just to run my dual core)

    I would have flashed the BIOS right away before I did any tweeking or changed any of the RAM timings. Ususally people underclock their system while they flash their BIOS to ensure the system is 100% stable.
  2. I am interested im buying an 680i chipset MB and am kind of locked on the ASUS P5N32-E SLi

    I decided not to take chances with the evga board, and now I dont have many options, and the P5N32-E SLi seems alright

    I dont plan to overclock or anything.

    I will use these memories: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr2_pc2_6400_platinum_revision_2_dual_channel and hope they will be recognized as in the specs

    I hope I will not have problems like you had, I really dont see any other 680i chipset motherboard option.
  3. Sorry Dude but ASUS Sucks, from all the problems I've had with ASUS they couldn't even give me any more of their products.

    I could get some satisfaction from their giving me a M/B I didn't have to pay a penney for, and that would be to take a shotgun to it and blow it to pieces, that would bring me a certain amount of sheer satisfaction for all the past crap from them, for once completely at their expense!!!

    Well I hope for you that you do not end up like me and even despise the word ASUS, or should I say ASSUS and things work out great for you after this little hurdle is jumped. Sincerely Ryan
  4. Just because you have had problem with some asus product does not mean they suck

    Maybe you mean it as of their service?

    I have an ASUS MB and dont have problems, ive replaced a fried asus mobo with a new one as I had warranty

    I just wonder if their P5N32-E SLi MB is decent, and if not, any other options?
  5. When their products work they're great, of course that applies to every company in the world doesn't it, but from my experience with ASUS, they suck, 2 bad same model # M/Bs in a row, and the sorriest customer service I'd ever come across from any company period, having to pay to ship these dud M/Bs back, IMO pretty much gives me the right to bash ASUS.

    I'm speaking of my experience not yours OK, you may think ASUS is the best company in the world, but I don't!

    You may actually find that out for yourself one day, then you'll view things a little different. :roll:
  6. wow. 2 threads pertaining to 680i problems. ive got the evga board and am planning to put it together tomorrow. im really hoping i dont have any problems with it.

    i dont think ill have the patience to deal with problems, so if i run in to trouble ill send the board back and get a non sli one.
  7. I was looking at the EVGA 680i board at Fry's and the guy there said they were getting a lot of returns on it - take that for what it's worth. I hope it works out for you.

    I think I am going with the ASUS Striker Extreme - it cost more and it had some teething problems but it looks like they have fixed a lot of problems - I hoping it's good to go. :?: I looked at the P5N32E-SLI, but got warry when ASUS kept dropping support info for it off their board.
  8. I installed this board into my newb system below and seems ok in the few hours its been running so far....lol

    Anyone know of a good OC guide for this board and a conroe E6600 ????
  9. First increase since putting it together.

  10. Agreed. Asus products are great when they work but when they don't, you too will feel the pain. Phone support is a joke. All they want to do is get you off the line asap. Email is worse, especially if you need information within a few days. I won't even get into RMA turnaround.

    I did once say that I would never buy another Asus product. Problem is, they own so much of the market that it's hard not to have at least something made by Asus in your system.

    My best advice is to listen to the forums. Listen to the people. If they are complaining about bios, then walk away from that board or product. When the bios issues are fixed then you won't hear anyone complaining about them.
  11. Quote:
    I installed my P5N32E-SLI with a QX6700, EVGA 8800GTX, 2x750 + 1x150 Raptor and 2 GB Corsair 4-4-4-12. Everything originally went smoothly. :D

    - Bill

    :D 8O :P :mrgreen: :trophy:

    we need an emoticon for "drool" !

    Nice System ! except for the motherboard learning process. sometimes i think the Vendors should pay users for providing "real time feedback" that improves their products. that is a benchmark system, Asus should fly 3 engineers out to your house/ office to make it work.
  12. OMG you are now on the list, the bad list of...

    Dead Boards Because Of Windows Utility Update...

    Users have reported NOT to use this utility 1000000(...)00000 times!

    Also, Im not against to you, but I agree with you that ASUS support is CRAP.

    Specially that guy named "Lee" in ASUS support, looks like he doesnt do or knows how to do sh*t
  13. It doesnt have the 680i Issues because it actually doesnt use a 680i chipset.

    The northbridge is a 650i and the southbridge is a 590sli I believe.

    But as far as people have reported, is a great board so I would consider it anytime. Even the P5N-E is a good board too.
  14. I have the P5N32E-SLI with an E6600, 8800GTS, 2x75GB Raptors and 2x250GB WD RE2 drives. I'm using the 0902 beta bios

    I have the FSB at 350Mhz and the GTS overclocked to 650/900. Everything is stable and I get 3dMark 06 of just over 10k in XP and Vista.

    I've never had to reset the CMOS after a bad overclock.

    All in all I'm very happy with the board. I'm just hoping that the 640Mb 8800GTS I bought doesn't get discontinued before I can buy another one for SLI!!

    I switched to this board from an Abit AB9-Pro which had all sorts of issues like not being recognised by XP as APCI compliant.
  15. Same here (rig in sig). ive owned the board for over 2 months now and have not had a single problem. I have the cpu @ 425+ fsb, and my RAM runs great under a 1T setting. I have the GPu @ 610/2030. (need to update the sig.....)
    I hit the standard FSB hole that happens on almost ever 680i chipset, and didnt have to reset the CMOS, or anything!
    I couldnt have asked for a better board.
  16. This board, like me, is awesome.
  17. I agree with cog this board great I had 5 ASUS motherboards and all have worked great. :D The P5N32-E SLI is as good as you can get.
  18. Thanks for the warnings, guys. I had similar experiences.

    Bought myself P5N32E-SLI and Leadtek 8800GTS-320MB yesterday. I have no experience on overclocking the modern PCs. Thus I tried the automatic "A.I." overclocking of 20%.

    I notice my screens flashing blue very shortly, and then going blank. At subsequent reboot no signal is received by the monitors, and the graphics card's fan just spins at full speed, making lots of noise.

    I seriously thought I broke something, until after 15 minutes and reattaching most system components, I was bothered to try the CMOS reset jumper. That worked, fortunately.

    So I can confirm at least that the CPR feature of the ASUS board does not work at all. I'm using BIOS rev 0802.

    I do want to overclock my system however. I didn't byu Thermalright Ultra 120 for nothing. I just have to study carefully which settings to change in the BIOS manually, I guess.
  19. If you OC 20% right off the bat that could be your problem, that may have been to much to fast.
  20. this sounds like most boards on the market, and from you, a noobs perspective ;)

    my P5B Deluxe Wifi sets my XMS6400 C5's to C4 default, but since i (and most of you out there) set just about everything to manual (so you know exactly how things are running) its no issue.

    And as for the reset cmos option - THATS WHY ITS THERE

    Overclocking - dont expect anything
  21. Yup, I _am_ a noob in OC'ing, and not ashamed of it :wink:

    After googling a day more, I managed overclock my E6600 to a very conservative 3.0GHz using manual settings.

    However, now it's the memory I'm having trouble with. I have 2 x 1GB 800-4-3-4-8's from Supertalent. With auto settings for timing, the board uses 5-5-5-15 timings. I tried manual settings 4-3-4-8, 4-4-4-10, 4-4-4-12, but the system won't boot at all (blank screen, C.P.R. works so I can go back to BIOS and revert the settings)...

    I think I have to experiment a lot more with the memory voltage settings... or what's your take on this? I'm using Unlinked FSB clocking, CPU = 1332/4 (333) * 9, memory clock = 800.
  22. I've heard that the board is good, but one of my friends purchased the board and it apparently in his view just went up in smoke. He enquired this matter with ASUS, and they found it to be a manufacturing error. He got a new board (this is a rare incident, ASUS flogging off mobos) and everythings fine.

    Im considering getting this board as well. From what i've heard its good and i'm going to stick to buying it!
  23. 680i chipset was known to have problems (not only on Asus) but is supposedly fixed.

    I have the P5N32E - SLI 650i chipset board and I have to say its an absolute dream including for overclocking.

    I'm unsure as to whether or not its the chipset or a bad board thats responsible for your experiences.

    The CMOS reset feature doesn't work a lot of the time and a manual reset is required if you over do the overclocking.

    The graphics issues you mention are most likely to do with the Nvidia graphics drivers which are known to have problems and nothing to do with the motherboard.

    The safetst way to upgrade the BIOS is by the Asus floppy program (name escapes me). You should always save your old BIOS to floppy before upgrading. That way if anything goes wrong, you can boot from the floppy into the BIOS upgrade and reinstall the old BIOS. Sorry, but BIOS problem was in part your fault.
  24. It is a nice board with nice features.

    The only thing that I've encountered that is absolutely horrible thus far is:

    ASUS customer support, and feature documentation.

    Currently I've been having a running problem with my ASUS P5N320E SLI Plus and I'm positive that many others are having this exact same problem.

    I'm trying to get it to take 4GB (4x 1Gb sticks) of Patriot DDR2 6400 RAM.


    Vista (32).

    Yeah it's hellish, and so far I can get it to run with 3GB and be horribly unstable, or simply freeze the BIOS loading screen with 4GB.

    Any expertise on this anywhere?
  25. 650i / 680i chipset is very choosy about the RAM, deviate from the approved vendors list and they won't warrant that your board will work.

    Also, you're trying to use 4GB of RAM with Vista 32, you can't it will only ever have 3GB of the 4Gb available. You need Vista 64 to get 4GB from 4GB as the 32 bit version can't address it properly.

    The QVL for the P532 E - sli is here:


    There are 3 mempry modules from Patriot listed on the 3rd page but unsure if any of these are what you're using.
  26. I cannot begin to tell you the trouble I had OCing my p5n32-e sli....
    oh boy.
    Do not buy 1066 memory for this board!
    I tried to raise the FSB to anything above 1500mhz x2 and no way did it work!
    I now have this setup:

    ASUS P5N32-E SLI 680i

    Core 2 e6750 @3 Ghz

    Mushkin 1066 ram 2x 1gig...I am changing this with a crucial balistix 800 today because it is on the QVL on the ASUS site...

    Evga 8800gts 320 OC

    The rest is not important...

    This is a great mobo if you do not want to oc beyond 3ghz in my experience. HIGHLY unstable

    I even tried with a crucial balistix 1066 ram and again no way did it go beyond 3ghz.

    I tried unlinking the FSB in the bios...not stable.
    I tried linking them and going to 1550...not stable....argh!
  27. It seems to be hit an miss with boards.

    My Asus P5W DH(despite getting great reviews all over of 400-450+ FSB)
    Would just freeze up at 333 with a Q6600 in it. and would error with a E6600 in prime.

    This was with all voltages(not the cpu) MAXED and the multi dropped to 6.

    Seems to be hit and miss....

    The new revision of this board gives more voltage......

  28. My highest stable OC with P5N32-E SLI. Never had a problem with it.

    I have 2G of 2x 1066 OCZ OCZ2N1066SR1G and wanted to run at 1:1 with the Q6600 but it always failed no matter the setting of the bios.. 667 was the top stable speed.

    The problem is HEAT. If the northbridge gets over 35C then it will flip over.
    The solution is COOLING. I went to the store and landed Thermaltake Exteme Spirit II for the northbridge and Zalman ZM NBF47 for the southbridge.

    My DIMMs have EPP so I can run them on 1066 with up to 2.3V.

    In the BIOS:
    In extreme overclocking >
    Choose MANUAL overclocking
    At the FSB ratios screen choose LINKED 1:1 (or whatever you seem fit)
    Better set the memory timings manually, mine are 5-5-5-5-15-22-2T
    You can safely enable anything where the talk is about Virtualization and Enhanced Speedstep...
    Choose any CPUOC at SLI READY MEMORY. I chose MAX.

    Presto.! Runs smooth and fast and the BIOS / Sandra / Everest will show 1066 and 17G bandwidth.

    Curiously, I benchmarked the memory read/write/copy/latency before this mod and had
    6779/4867/4954/78.4 respectively and afterwards
    I got 6970/4866/5395/67.4 which is an improvement of sorts.

    Images of this cooling installation for this ASUS P5N32-E SLI with Q6600 and 2x1G of
    OCZ2N1066SR1G + Biostar 8800GT 512Mb 256bit + 2 WD Raptors in RAID 0 in Antec Sonata III are :

    Watch the stock cooling turned away but left intact - if you will need to RMA this board they will only accept it if its in its original condition, into which you can revert quite easily if you save everything that you remove.
  30. Dertman said:

    ASUS tells me to upgrade bios even though the one on their site says 1st release it has a later date. Used new Windows Bios update utility - BIG MISTAKE! Corrupted BIOS -tried battery unplug, clear CMOS, etc.. No luck - dead board. 8O

    4th Problem - So all I have to do is pop in the driver disk and the bios will be reinstalled according to another new feature. Of course, how the heck can you install off a CD if the machine won't even boot to Bios in the first place? Another meaningless "new feature". :cry:

    - Bill

    1st of all you NEVER use Windows to update the BIOS this is true in almost all motherboards. The BIOS recovery would still work as long as the BIOS BOOT block is intact, this should have been specifically stated(by the user) to be erased in order for it to not work.

    The BIOS problems are quite simple imo, just trying modding your BIOS and see what happens........
  31. Just use the correct voltage settings for the memory that should enable it to overclock properly or make use of the unlinked feature!
  32. I have this board and I recently re-routed power cables from my PSU. And now im having SLI problems. (search for my thread for more detailed info)

    Everything was working flawlessly until this happened. I have a couple simple solutions to try tonight when i get home from work.. so hopefully that will do the trick. But so far, I like my board. Easy OC'ing, stable, decent temps, and I like the flexible SLI connector.. its sweet!
  33. If you are going to flash the bios? Use Asus update which gets the correct update for your motherboard and flashes the bios all in one step, Have never had a problem doing it that way. I'm using 1302 and since Dec 21, 2007 have never had a problem with my P5N32E-SLI
  35. ^AGREED....

    One power out[My bad] or crash and your f***ed
  36. and the same thing will happen in dos too. power outage is a power outage no matter what method you flash, and Asusupdate is the more reliable way to flash your bios unless you use the f command during startup on your motherboard in which you initiate ezflash, but there's just one catch, you actually have to have a 3.5 inch 1.44mb floppy drive installed to do that.
  37. yeah....what was i thinking(i have heard of many bad flash in windows things)....but crashes are less often in dos...i use (qflash and whatever gigabyte calls theres) with my USB drive all the time....

    Can you not use a CD for ezflash too?
  38. nukemaster said:

    One power out[My bad] or crash and your f***ed

    That's one instance when a UPS comes in handy. I have the same board though and only flash it through the BIOS.
  39. I just want to let anyone that is thinking about getting the dreaded p5n32-e sli Motherboard, to NOT get it. I have seriously went through '5' count em... FIVE RMA motherboards all which have failed me. The first board worked for two weeks and ever since, each board will not produce any video output whatsoever. I have replaced the power supply, video cards, cables, and everything has failed miserably. Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY ASUS PRODUCTS. I have replaced my board with a new evga and things are working great. Thanks,

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