Thoughts on the best CPU for gaming?

I have been looking at the Core 2 EX6800 and the AMD FX-62. Price verse performance is what I am looking at. Don't want anything more than 2 cores since I really cant put them to good use.
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  1. EX6800, clearly.

    If you want good price / performance, get an E6600 and overclock it. They OC well, and relatively coolly.
  2. Uh... you mean a C2D X6800 right? The extreme version of the Conroe?

    Waste of money for gaming. Games are fairly GPU limited mostly these days. A E6600 will be more than adequate at a third the price.

    For absolute best price per performance, a E6300 OC'ed will do that.
  3. Core 2 X6800 hands down.

    But like Doughbuy I would recommend the e6600 if your gaming. Just spend the extra money on some more ram. :wink:
  4. If you want to play FSX get the 6800 and still overclock the hell out of it. For other games get 6400 or 6600 and overclock. FSX is CPU dependant where other games are GPU dependant.
  5. Meh, if he has the money for an X6800.. he definitly has the money for an 8800GTX, especially if he's going for a gaming build.
  6. I dont know how much money you have, or what you are willing to spend, or if you were already considering a 8800 gtx. BUT

    The e6600 has about the same upper limits as the 6800 in overclocking, approx 3.6-4 ghz depending on if you are going to use watercooling.

    If you were already considering an 8800 gtx, then consider saving the money by getting the e6600 and buy a second 8800 gtx for sli.

    If you weren't considering a 8800 gtx, I would suggest getting it because it has more impact on games than 2-400 mhz worth over overclocking you could get outta the 6800 as compared with the 6600. Either way a core 2 duo running at 3.6 ghz should be plenty enough for gaming keeping in mind you the video card has the most impact.
  7. But... But...

    He could go for a E6600 and buy ANOTHER 8800GTX.

    EDIT: LOL, same post by two different authors at the same time.
  8. No point in going with an X6800 and a GTS.
    For gaming, it is much better an E6600 and a GTX!
  9. Thx guys for the input....going with a e6700 Oc'd and 2X 8800 in Sli. We shall see how it turns out. :D
  10. Quote:
    how much would a water cooled oc e6600 cost (talkin to the man who struggles with emailin
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