7600 GT display info issues, please help!

I bought a EVGA Geforce 7600GT CO 256P2N553DX, and I had a few problems in my display properties for the Video Card. In the Display Properties --> Settings--->Advanced--> Adapter menu, under Adapter Information it showed that the DAC Type was: Integrated RAMDAC, and in "Properties", under "General" it showed the Location as : PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0. Is that what it is supposed to show? I was confused because the card is PCI-Express, and is not integrated(isn't it supposed to show 'internal'?).

Also, when I used the Easy Tune 5 that came with my Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 motherboard, in the overclocking menu, there was nothing under "AGP/PCI-E"frequency, instead, there was something under "PCI" frequency and that was 33MHZ. Am I supposed to edit or change some settings in order for my video card to be read as PCI-E and internal, not PCI and integrated? I have already installed all the updated drivers for the video card.

***Under the GeForce 7600GT nVidia panel though, it does show the graphics card information as PCI Express x16, does this mean that it is correct after all, or is it just reading the default info of the card?

The Video BIOS version is, and the driver version is

Thanks for any and all help!
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  1. Oh yes, and I already had set the boot device to PCI-E. In the GA-965P-S3 mobo bios, I changed it from PCI to PEG(which in that BIOS is for PCI-E).........
  2. For the readings you mentioned in the first paragraph: they are correct.

    An 'integrated RAMDAC' is not referring to integrated video on your motherboard.

    Your card is working correctly.


    Edit: see here

  3. oo ok, thanks!

    However, I also ran 3D Max05, and frame rates I got for the 3 game tests were 29, 19, and 30! Isn't that really low for the 7600GT? On the tomshardware benchmarks for 7600GT, it was well of 100 fps on 3dmark06? I am kindof confused because when I used the comparison tool, my system was ranked 4 on the similar system menu....

    My system is described below
  4. What frame rates do you people that have 7600 GT get on 3dMark05? I just thought it would be higher than 30ish?
  5. My motherboard is very similar to yours (see below) and I've found the Easy Tuner to be useless. I would not trust the info you see in it and would try to overclock using it. Instead use the BIOS.
  6. Frames Per Second don't matter as much on 3dmark as your score. What's your 3dMark score?
  7. Oh, frames per second doesnt really matter? My score was 6452, compared to other similar computers, I ranked 4th(out of 17).

    With the highest being 7018, and the lowest 4715.....
  8. Yeah I think that's an acceptable score for your rig. You could try OCing some of the components to get an even higher score (if it matters that much to you), but that's a good score with everything running at stock. Check some of these links out for other people's information on similar rigs. (a LOT of people ask the question "what score should I bet getting?")


    In the Inquirer review they used an Athlon FX 62 and got a lower score than you. So, you're doing just fine man!

    The reason FPS doesn't matter on 3dmark is: it's just a sort of torture test for your GPU to see how well it does. So, FPS DOES matter in a sense, but the way people measure the performance is by the actual score, not FPS. Make sense?
  9. Oh ok, sweet. Thanks!
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