Toms has Spyware Ad Links, not good.

You guys really need to get your advertising links under control. You have started linking spyware sites.

See the image below, I clicked the link trying to see the article about leaked pokemon and instead got diverted to a site that looks like its running a virus scan and asks you to let them install their program to fix the problems with your computer. Trying to exit the page caused it to try and download an .exe file. I had to end-task firefox to get out of it safely.

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  1. I was just on that page with no issue.

    What you saw is a pretty common ad attempt, to get people to download and purchase their 'security software.' It very easily could've been picked up on another page. I'm not saying it was. It's just my thoughts.
  2. Look at the overlaying "cloud" advert associated with "Black and White" (the Amazing Opportunity) for thedaveqfitness_com. That is the spyware site.
  3. That's a kontera ad for a fitness site.

    I also went to that fitness site, and I didn't get any malware notifications.
  4. 1. Grab AdBlockPlus.

    2. Grab NoScript and set it up correctly. (Be default, the JS associated with commenting,etc are disabled by NoScript).
  5. I installed AdBlock (this is a new PC and I forgot to do that) and I dont get those link ads anymore.
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