QX6700 Quad core vs Dual Core 2 Extreme Edition X6800

Alright I have the choice of these two CPU's and I was wondering which will perform better with two 8800 GTX's, anyhow the people I am building the PC from currently do not have the Quad cores in stock but will have them within 3 weeks. So my question is , what is the performance difference between the two, is the quad core even better then the dual X6800? Thanks.
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  1. You cannot have two X6800, they dont support SMP, so that's a moot point.

    For the same price, I would get the quad because you can most likely overclock it 266mhz and get the same performance in all the application and in encoding and such get a really good boost.

    For current game and most games coming next year, you won't see a performance increase with a quad core. You will however get a higher 3Dmark score =).

    If you mainly play games, don't want to wait 3 weeks, can save 300$, got the X68 route otherwise I think you get more for your money with the QX67.
  2. For gaming you're going to want the higher clocked X6800. Until games really start to take advantage of multi-threading the lower clocked quad core won't do as good.
  3. But even so, the X6800 will overclock way more than the QX6700...
    However, having such a budget to spend, i'd be more intrigued by the quad core. ;)
  4. Yea I am mostly a gamer but not strictly going to be using it for gaming, I heard that the 8800 GTX's make use of the quad cores is that true?
  5. No, not directly at least.
    But next year, some DX10 games (Alan Wake) will start to surface which could put a quad core to some use.
  6. If I was to shell 1000$ on a CPU I'd go for the quad core so it can at least be somewhat 'future proof'.

    If I want a dual core I go with E6600 and get it to 3.6ghz simple as that =)

    That's a personal opinion, even if the cores are idle 80% of the time still nice to have hem hehe.
  7. Yea guess im going to tough it out for another 2 weeks or so , can not wait for my new system to get in. :evil:
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