2 DVD Burner or 1 and a CD Burner & what about SATA

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I've been told I should have 2 drives so I was thinking 2 DVD/cd burners, the someone said...nooo, one dvd/cd burner and one CD burner (for games) (Reads faster??)

I guess what I'm asking is what is the best combo? And is there a best drive?

Part 2... I have not heard anything good really about the burners/writers that are SATA drives. Are they just new and too many bugs to work out still.

Sorry, I know I haven't worded this very well!

Thanks to all that answer!
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  1. Why are you listening to other people? Everyone will have a different opinion on this topic. Decide what YOU need, and go with that.

    DVD drives are backwards compatible with CD's. Ask yourself how you would feel if you put all your eggs in 1 basket (Combo drive), and it fails one Friday night? If you have one DVD and one CD, at least you can keep going.

    If you can afford it, and need continuity, go for 2 combos/DVD's

    Good Luck :wink:
  2. hi.
    i can't recommend a combo drive.
    i would recommend you (in case that u got only 2 drives)
    you get one dvd-burner and one dvd-rom.
    noone must use their cd-burner or dvd-burner to read dvd's ,or just to play games.
    but if you have more free bays you can next buy a cd-burner,
    so for me one dvd=-burner ,1 dvd-rom.
  3. I told you everyone has a different opinion!

    But hey - if you combine what I said with what bacis said, then you will be OK.

    I don't know of any SATA optical drives, just IDE type, and external USB 2.0 type! :wink:
  4. Yeah...I'm not sure about the Sata drives... I just haven't heard anything good about them. It seems like almost everyone I know who has bought one ended up returning them!
    What a shame, I assume they would be a little faster if they worked! LOL
  5. What SATA drives do you mean mcparty? HDD drives?

    As I said, I have never hears of any Optical SATA drives! :?
  6. Sata DVD burners (RW Drives) Lite-On, Plextor and Samsung make them for sure. I am not sure who else does.
  7. heres some from newegg link
    plus heres a article http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/12/07/samsung_18x_dvd_burner/
  8. I know, I've seen them, I just don't know anyone who has had a good experience with them. Eveyone I know has ended up send them back, sometimes twice and just getting an IDE drive. I just wonder if there are too many bugs because they are new or what??
  9. I have a Plextor 716SA sata dvd burner and never had any problems with it, had it for close to a year and it has been well used. As for deciding what to go with for two drives simply look at the read speed in the drives specs, many dvd burners will read a dvd disc just as fast as a dvd-rom. Compare a dvd-rom drives read speed for the various types of discs then compare them to a dvd burners read speeds and decide for yourself, I personaly would go with two dvd burners since the difference in cost between a good dvd burner and a good dvd-rom drive isnt that much more. Like I said compare the read speed specs between a dvd-rom and a dvd burner.
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