Time to OC baby.......

i have the conroe e6300 and i've heard people overclocking over 3ghz without any problems?

Don't wanna go extreme, just want to overclock it to 2.5ghz maybe?

how do i go about doing that?

this is the motherboard i have -> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813138034

graphics card- 7800GT

i have a 120mm fan in the back of my case, and a 80mm upfront.....

it seems as if i can only oc to 2.1ghz before it starts locking up on me. but why is that? CPU temp is showing 28-29 C...... the program i use to OC is warpspeeder, which came with the driver CD......
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  1. Good luck, your board isn't a very good board for OCing, since it's using an "ancient" 945P chipset.

    I suggest you get an overclocking motherboard like the Gigabyte 965P-S3 or 965P-DS3. If you're a little richer, the P5B-E is a good board as well.
  2. wrong stinkin' forum
  3. "Time to OC baby......."

    Did you get the parents permission? Overclocking babies can easily lead to overheated brains, which can cause permanent brain damage...

    Take it easy, raise the IQ 5 points at a time. I don't recommend going 15 points above default IQ, as the brain may become unstable or even crash, reducing it to a permanent vegetable status IQ of 5 points.
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