the tempting 20 dollar tuner card! o so temping but should i

temping indeed 8)

a 20 dollar solution to all of our problems,
or is it!

its the Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe

its a 20 buck tuner that im thinking REALLY will pull the trigger on it by after xmas
should i get that one? i mean it looks decent i dont need a dual thingy that allows to record n watch

What software do you use to watch ur tv tuners?
ive seen that people talk bout myth tv, but neone has neother recommdation like nvidia purevideo hd , i think it has a stand alone player that supports tv tuner input? maybe? idk thats why im asking

AND LASTLY hold on to ur seat
im gettin a 7.1 surround sound system at the same time, and i was hoping u would also help to anwser this......what software do you use to watch DVDs and get full quality, and full music and evverythingg..

or is the world secretly controlled by myth tv fans?
WE SHALL or probally not know but
please help
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  1. Its a ok card for the money, doesnt have hardware encoding; gonna need a decent processor to do the work, almost all tuner cards wont do dual tuning, as per record and watch another, the tuners are built into the board, windows media center 2005 have the HTPC features or power DVD, the tuner card will come with the software, a 7.1 capable soundcard and playback software will do fine :lol:
  2. Its ok, I have a 2000xp and its pretty good for recording tv but it is a cpu hog if you want good compression and the quality isn't the best or it might be the analog signal. for $20 i'd say get if ig you want to watch/recored tv on your pc.
  3. 2.9 overclocked athlon 64 x2
    512mb GFX card, its the 7900gto with 700mhz core 1.4ghzmem
    2gb dual channel 4-4-4-12 mem pc6400

    it dosetn really matter to me if its got hardware encoders cuz my cpu can handle it easily

    well quality is a matter to me,
    im looking to spend less then 70 bucks on the tv tuner as seeing that im gettin a 90 buck audio card n 90 more for the speaker 7.1 set up

    Which of these two is better for quality?

    ATI TV Wonder 2000

    Hauppauge WINTV401

    or should i still stick to the leadtek ?
    i mean im goin to watch it on my 19'' widescreen lcd xconnected on DVI i want sum quality but cheaply lol

    i just dont want to spend much :/ cant really afford much ..nething u guys suggest to get ?
  4. Happauge is a safer bet, software is usually good
  5. hi.
    we are talking here about 20$ which means nothing,
    i remember my moden was more expenseve.
    get the card and if for watching tv or record shows,
    if you find out that it is not good enough for you u can buy an other after a few time.
    it cost 20$(no card in these price are avaiable here/)
  6. but 20 buck stuff mouse n stuff


    im gettin this one
    Hauppauge WINTV401 PCI Interface TV/FM Tuner Card

    i say that should be good enought i mean its 60+ its hauppage n it looks ok

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