Need a new PSU over my coolmax =/

Hello I am looking to buy a new PSU over my Coolmax i bought 2 weeks ago and i need some help

first I need something with 22-24 amps to power my BFGTech 6800GS OC AGP

second I need something that will fit inside my case and i need to know how i would figure out if it would fit inside before i buy it
-my case is an HP no name case I have an HP Pavilion a450n =/ if that helps at all

third I need it to be lower than maybe $75 USD if thats possible

the return on my rosewill will net me about $30

can you help me out? (i made a mistake buying rosewill)
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  1. How is this PSU it seems to be in my budget and it has dual rails with 18A on each one just need to know if it would fit in my case...
    Link to PSU
  2. mpilchfamily you are so helpful you have answered 75% of my posts

    ok this is what i heard from the guy at Fry's and im paraphrasing:
    companies that manufacture prebuilt systems like HP purposely manufacture their cases to be smaller so that you have to buy certain components that will only fit in your case. end qutoe

    Such as with my PSU (i had to take a thermaltake purepower 430W w/ active PFC(!) back before because it would not physically fit in my case without takeing out my two optical drives. then I bought the coolmax and now im finding out my videocard might need some more juice.

    so... i would like to avoid a hassle due to a power supply not fitting by knowing whether it will fit in my case beforehand

    Ill measure my power supply bay tomorrow and post back the specs if that might help

    FSP looks good to me but again i have to know if it will fit
  3. awww well ok I'll try (my family might not be too comfortable with me switching all the components out of a case into another case but hey who knows)

    should set me back $70 meh.. I need to make some money =(
    not that I dont have $70 i just need money to finance my gaming system oh well, off to go find more jobs
  4. Ewwwww... I don't even know if you can stick parts from an HP into another case... I probably wouldn't even want to risk it... They should use standard ATX configuration, but with these Tier 1 System integrators... you never know...
  5. yeah i decided im just not gonna waste my (precious little) money to upgrade this system anymore and im putting all my funds into buying my case (the first part of my new system) at the moment
  6. You reselling your HP desktop system, yeah ?
    (Not interested, but asking what sort of $ you're expecting mostly).
  7. When did I say I was reselling?
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