Hey! Can someone help me decide which is a better case?

Thermaltake Shark


Thermaltake Tsunami Dream

Thermaltake Armor JR


I have heard great things about all three, but that Shark has had dust issues and the front intake fan and filter seems to be a bit, poor quality.

The Tsunami dream is awesome in all ways, except that it is a mid tower case.
Apart from that, they are both the same price where I live and I have to decide one or the other.

The Shark really appeals to me, and I was wondering, if anyone could offer some advice, as to which I should purchase.


PS: the size it takes up is not an issue.
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  1. sorry. Should I .. move it over? and you can delete this post?
    I didn't know.. very sorry.
  2. the Armor? cause the case is Armor 'JR' if it makes a difference.
  3. the armor JR is also, not an aluminium case, it has the front bezel aluminium, but apart from that it's Steel.

    The shark is fully aluminium full ATX tower

    the armor JR and tsunami are both mid ATX and both steel/aluminium.

    Im seriously leaning towards Shark, but that extra dust/ poor ventilation on the front , is just swaying me a bit more to the other side.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?
  4. Quote:
    the armor JR is also, not an aluminium case, it has the front bezel aluminium, but apart from that it's Steel.

    the armor JR and tsunami are both mid ATX and both steel/aluminium.

    According to the Thermaltake site, the Armor Jr. and the Tsunami are ALL Aluminum. I personally recently bought the Tsunami Dream in Silver with the window and I LOVE it. It is stylish and well made.
    The question though is how much room do you need? Do you truly need a Full tower or are you able to get away with the Mid Tower? What all are you putting in the case?
  5. Mplich, your avvie... Hmmmm... the more commonly used equation to find power is P=IV, or at least us EE's commit this to our memory of electrical's holy laws...

    The Armor is a good case, and I can see the Armor JR about the same, however, I would only get the armor if it's possible to get the 25cm side fan... which I don't think they make for the JR.

    The Tsunami is a great case, I would get it if you're not planning to stick your computer chock-full of HDD's.

    I like the shark's looks, but when I saw the design I knew that dust would come in from the sides. You can always add your own dust filters, since those are relatively cheap, but that will be your choice.
  6. Thanks alot for that info.
    Ok, I plan on buying either a Shark or a Tsunami Dream.

    How easy is it to install dust filters?
    If it isn't that hard or there are guides across the net, I'll be willing to put in some time.
  7. It's basically paper you put in front of the fan... no challenge at all.
  8. hmm, if this is too much trouble, can someone please layout, or point out some cons/pros if I were to choose Shark over Tsunami?

    I know the Shark looks better and has a level of dust entering the fan, anything else?
  9. Actually I don't think the Shark looks better but that's personnal preference. Is there a reason you're looking at the full tower Shark but not the full tower Armor? I have the Tsunami and the Armor (full tower) and I'd choose the Armor full tower over any of your other choices. You don't have to get the 25cm fan either, I moded my side window to add a 120mm fan and it works great.

  10. where I live, the armor is alot more expensive, and I'm on quite a tight budget.

    What do you guys think of this case?


    comapred to this case

    These are my top 2 choices atm.
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