Guidance for a semi-newbie wanting to build a system...

Hi there

I would just like to know if there any good sites giving practical guidance for building a system. I have ll the parts I requirte in mind and I think I'm pretty clued up but would prefer to follow some sort of guide as well as the manuals that come with the mobo etc! Also I've never started up a computer before after a new build so what should I expect on the first screen. Some sort of guide on this software side of things would be useful too!

There must be one on Tom's site here..... :roll:

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  1. Here are some links:

    When you first start your computer, you will get a post and probably an error message. You will need to press delete and go in the Bios and set it up.

    Good luck!
    It's a hard step to take at first, but I'm sure you will succeed.
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