E6600 build. Trick to use faster ram with P965 mobo?

I want to build a gaming PC using the E6600. $1000-1500 range+/-
no SLi. not a big O/C'er but want to try a mild OC. This is my first build.

This looked like good info on intel boards? p965 is best no frills performance board?

I posted before and was told p965 boards would only work with 1.8v ram. It says so on the newegg mobo specs for Asus & Gigabyte boards. This trick was posted in the newegg consumer reviews for DS3:
Pros: i dont own this board but this im trying to help many of yall. this applies to the DS3 board too. the reason most yall cant boot up or u think ur ram isnt compatible is becuz most high end ram needs 2.0 V to get it going and the board defaults to 1.8V. u need to either buy ram that isnt rated 2.0V or buy a cheap stick of value ram ,boot with it and set 2.0 as ur ram voltage ,save it turn it off. switch out ram and presto it should work. hope this helps many of yall.

Will that work? Would a gigabyte or asus p965 mobo boot with this $29 ram in first?
The mobo newegg specs call for 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 in addition to 1.8v, but I didn't see that with a piece of ram this small.

mobo's I'm considering are:
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
Asus P5B deluxe
Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6
Abit AB9 pro

If stablility is the main thing I want, with a mild OC secondary, what's the best board and what tricks do I need to know.
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  1. If you want to overclock forget about the Intel Board. No OC Options

    If you have $50 to spare go with the P5N32-E its a 810i Nvidia Chipset and it has gone up to 520-530FSB. a Vanilla Striker Xtreme.

    All boards that let you OC, should let you get to your goal.

    IMHO this are FSB guidelines for overclocking a E6600

    266-299 Stock or Light OC
    300-399 Mild OC
    400-499 High OC
    500+ Xtreme OC
  2. The DS3 Is all you need for what your looking to do. Very Stable, great support, oc's very well, and good price tag. Its on sale on Newegg.com as we speak.
  3. The budget RAM boot trick does work. It might not be necessary any more since most of the current crop DDR2 800 RAM modules have improved EPP programming.

    You can avoid that whole issue by using DDR2 667 RAM CORSAIR XMS2 (PC2 5400) CL4 1.9volts or Patriot (PC2 5300) CL4 1.8volts I use the E6600, Patriot and GA-965P-DS3 combo with good results. I can get 360FSB OC (3.2Ghz) without any voltage or CL changes. I managed stable 400FSB OC (3.6Ghz) with relaxed CL5 timings and 2.0volts.
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