Connecting a Zalman ZM600-HP to Intel 975XBX2

Two questions I hope someone can help me with. Intel and Zalman sites were no help.

1. There is a 12-pin power socket on the motherboard and a 10-pin plug from the power supply. No problem here Intel tells me how to plug that one. But there is also a 4-pin plug next to the 10-plug with a warning label not to plug this cable with an ATX12V connector. What do I do with this plug. I can plug into the remaining 4-pin socket on the motherboard, but is that correct?

2. There are 2 4-pin connectors for the CPU power and an 8-pin socket on the motherboard. Do I put both plugs in this connector? If so, in what sequence.
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  1. Thanks so much. The two 4-pin plugs for the CPU confused me. Of course that tiny book for the PSU was not much help.
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