ATI graphic card pricing question, info needed for research

Hi, I am writing a research paper on pricing of ati graphic cards, and i was wondering if anyone knows a good source(i found a bit of info on anand's site) for information regarding pricing, and when each card of the 1900 series came out(i need the dates), as well as the direct nvidia comperitor's cards(release date)

I checked some sites but its rather hard to get info on a product that came out almost 10 or so months ago, aspecially in the gpu market ;)

I would greately aprecieate any info regarding the dates(if possible pricing at those times), and a bit of info regarding the competition cards that came out.

Thank You.
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  1. The two best sources I know of would be TheTechReport, which usually has something on launch day and includes pricing, and Digit-Life which usually has a huge review at launch, and also has easy searchable reviews for finding specific cards since it's broken up by vendor.

    Two other sites to consider is Firingsquad has a solid list of cards and they are easily searchable in the hardware section, and if you just want launch info places like 3Dcenter have links to all the other reviews out there.

    Also google the card name and review and you should find something for most (probably a few rumours about card, but the reviews from major sites should come up).

    For specs Adrian's Rojak Pot (ARP) has a good list if you want to compare cards.

    PS, I would suggest e-mailing AMD/ATi and just say;

    Hi I'm doing a paper, could you tell me the release dates and MSRP of the following cards....

    I would think they could slap that together for you pretty quickly, and I don't see why they wouldn't. Of course that'll be 'launch dates' not in store/available dates.
  2. thank you very much for the information, honestly i havent even thought about contacting ati/amd, nvidia lol

    i will check out those sites, usualy i know its easy to find info about new(er) products, but older sometimes are a pain to research, and actualy i noticed that some stores just do not cary the 1900xt or the xtx series anymor, which is weird, just the 1600/1300/1800/1950 series and sometimes older cards

    luckly for me i found anand's price "graphs" so i have some info for the 1900xtx in pricing since May(if im not mistaken) hopefully that was its store release date(althou i have to admit it was released in February, or March 2006)

    thx again
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