7600GT OR ATI X1950PRO ???? Opinions wanted!!!!

hello all! once again I will need some help deciding what to buy.
Bare to mind that I'm upgrading from an agp system. (see sig.)

So I did my research and came to these 2 candidates for my pci-express.

My question is: Can a 7600GT hold me over until summer 2007???
(I expect that dx10 games will start coming out'till then).
Or should I milk another 80 euro and buy the x1950pro now?

any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Depends what resolution you expect to be able to play at...

    1024x768 - maybe even 1280x1024 in some games, the 7600 GT should last that long easily. Might have to lower a bit of detail though.

    Higher than 1280x1024, you should look at the X1950 PRO.
  2. I'd almost get the x1950, who knows when an AGP nV 8 series card will be coming out - but by then the price will had droped sufficiently. I'd imagine nV is going to support AGP within the 8 series cards though there hasn't been any word of it that I've seen. :(
  3. Since it appears that you are upgrading from AGP to PCIe and want the card to last the longest, I'd go for the X1950. That would last the longest before being overwhelmed by new games.

    The other route is to buy the 7600GT now as only a temporary measure and upgrade to a DX10 card after the R600 comes out and becnmarks are available to tell which is better, the 8800 or the R600.

    Guess it all comes out to the question of what your goal is. If its to put off the move to DX10 for as long as possible, then get the X1950. If only a stopgap before getting a DX10 card, get the 7600GT.
  4. Quote:
    ...for my pci-express.

    *cough* Yes, yes... what I meant is that you'd be better off with a PCI-e x1950. :wink:

    "No, no more coffee, thanks."
  5. Lol! from all I get from the poll, everyone thinks I should get the ATI X1950 PRO!

    I have a LG LCD 19" (4ms). So I would like to play games maxxed out on 1280*1024. Is that even possible with the 7600GT?

    And let me clarify it again. I am talking about PCI-EXPRESS card. since my m/b supports both. (not true 16 lane one, but it does the job).

    Any other opinions?
  6. If you don't mind spending a bit extra, the X1950pro easily.
  7. Quote:
    If you don't mind spending a bit extra, the X1950pro easily.

    Well I do mind the extra money. If money was no issue I wouldn't be thinking about it. But if 7600GT doesn't cut it @ 1280*1024 it will leave me with 1 choice. I want it to last me till summer and play fairly well at the mentioned resolution.
  8. The 7600GT doesn't have a chance at maxing newer games out at your native 12x10 resolution. For that go at least with a X1900GT(or slightly better X1950 pro), better yet a X1950XT.
  9. 1280 is right on the knifeedge with the 7600 GT.

    Most games it'll handle it. You might have to lower detail in some.

    Some games like Oblivion, you will be forced to 1024x768.
  10. I have a LG LCD 19" (4ms). So I would like to play games maxxed out on 1280*1024. Is that even possible with the 7600GT?

    Yes it is, That's the native res. on my lcd, and i have had no problem's :wink:
  11. It really depends on how you define Maxed out as you aren't really maxing out some of the GPU intensive games on a 7600GT. High details sure, no fsaa sure. But, Try Oblivion, COD2, Fear, and NFS:Carbon maxed out with a 7600GT.

    7900GS averages 12 fps in Oblivion in the stressful outdoors:

    7600GT gets 31 FPS average in Fear, and that's with no FSAA even:

    7900GS averaged 35 fps in COD2:

    7600GT averaged 23 fps in COD2 here:

    7600GT averages 16 fps without FSAA in NFS:C

    Just a few examples anyway. Honestly I don't feel my X1800XT can really max out all games at 12x10.
  12. some AA and AF would be nice. Am I asking to much from the 7600gt then?
  13. True. I don not MAX the setting as you said, but it does grind them out fairly well, another game that's brutal on the 7600gt is starwars battlefront 2,well maybe just certein levels.
  14. In my honest opinion, yes you are. I am not saying you can't enjoy modern games at 12x10 res with the 7600GT, you sure can. I'm just saying if you buy one thinking you can pretty much max out all detials in every game and even run some eye candy, you are sure to be greatly dissapointed. Look over those charts above, it's not even close.
  15. And that's what I want to make clear to the OP. Can he enjoy all games on a 7600GT at 12x10? Sure. But I'd hate for him to buy one thinking he can just crank all settings and remain at that resolution. I'd think he would be quickly dissapointed.
  16. Thank you all for your valuable information and advice. Seems that the winner is: ATI X1950 PRO 256MB!!!!

    I was skeptical about if it really worth it. Seems that I'm gonna find out the hard way.

    Btw I haven't ever played oblivion, not my type of game (well not usually). But I keep hearing about it, and I'm gonna try it just to see it in person.
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