Wireless Networking?!?!?

I'm wanting to set up a wireless network with a friends computer 2 houses down from me and trying to figure out if it is possible. I am also wondering if it is possible what would i need to get so it will work. I am wanting to piggy back off the dsl connection. THanks if you can help.
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  1. How far apart are the houses and are ther lots of solid brick walls in the way ? Unless there is a direct line of sight between the wireless transmitter and receiver you will probably have problems.

    You would need a wireless router with inbuilt ADSL modem for the house with the DSL link and then simply a wireless card for the other. Wireless ADSL routers cost about $75 so not much to lose by trying it out. You can pick up a bundle at Newegg (router and card) for $99


  2. Being 2 houses down will be tough with out a bridge in the middle.

    If by chance you have line of site, it is posiable with external antennas.

    If he reads his dsl contract it does not allow what you are doing.

    With dsl as low as $30/mo get your own connection.
  3. get a couple of smart bridges cheap off ebay with some 13db panel's, that'll work even through some trees :) And it IS illegal, don't get caught.
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