4+ Years

Thats how long my old TI4200 has been in use. And still going strong. I did not plan on it lasting that long. Some year I'll have a new vid card. Whenever I have money again.
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  1. That was my first card ever. Last year, I finally upgraded to a ATi AIW 9800.

    My X1950XTX will tide me over for a couple of years when I for a DX10 card.
  2. My FIRST 3D card was the original 4MB Voodoo. Then I upgraded to the Intel i740 (their first 3D card), which wasn't all that bad. Then I moved on to nVidia's RIVA 128.

    I know, you don't care.
  3. I made quite a leap in 98 going from 1mb S3 video to a Voodoo3 2000 16mb. Man that card played Half Life like no ones business. 8O
  4. Started with a VLB Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM (don't recall which S3 chip), Diamond Viper V330 Riva128, Diamond Viper V660 (still have I believe), onboard GeForce 2MX, Sapphire 9600XT, XFX 6600GT, eVGA 7600GT to my current Sapphire X1800XT.
  5. S3 4 meg, Matrox G200, Riva TNT,Matrox G400, Riva TNT2, Geforce 256 DDR, Geforce 3 Ti200, Geforce Fx5900@5950U, Geforce 6800U, soon 8800GTS.

    Damn I am one hellof a nVidia fanboy, never struck me before!
    For my defense the 5900 was a super deal / in exchange of some work same for 6800U.
  6. Rage II
    8mb Canopus 3d (Voodoo Rush I think)
    32mb Rage 128
    32mb Geforce2 MX
    64mb Radeon 7500
    64mb Radeon 8500 (bought used)
    128mb Radeon 9700 PRO (bought used)
    256mb Geforce 6800 Ultra (bought used)
    256mb Radeon X1800 XL
    512mb Radeon X1900 XTX

    I still have my 9700 PRO in a secondary machine.

    I'm pitting it against the X1950 PRO AGP in an upcoming review for reference. :)
  7. GF MX 440 , GF 6600 AGP, GF5500 AGP. Gf6600GT PCI-E and then a GF6600 PCI-E
    (My friend fried my GF6600GT when he connected it to the TV and I had to return it and get the GF6600 ( I'm so anoyed about that)
  8. I started with a Voodoo3 2000 16mb, Voodoo 5, ATI 32mb DDR, ATI 8500, TI4200, 9700 (Flashed to 9700pro), 9800 Pro, X800, X800XL, X1900XT, and finally 8800GTS.

    The 9700 and the X1900XT are still my favorites. :) I have only had the 8800gts for 3 weeks and 1 week of that my PC has been down because I am waiting on my new ram. Final verdict to come...
  9. Started with a S3 Trio 2 MB,then added a Matrox M3d 4MB.Then i went to a voodoo banshee 16 MB,Ati 7000,7500,Nvidia Geforce MX2,Ti200,Again Ati 9700pro,9800XT.Then came PCIe and i got a Nvidia 6600gt,ended up today with a 7600gt.
  10. GeForce 256 (Legend, bundled with my )
    RIVA TNT 2
    ATi 9000Pro AIW
    GeForce 3 Ti 200 PRO !
    GeForce FX5600 (Utter pile of wank)
    X800XT (Current)
  11. I started out with the ol faithful nvidia vanta 16mb,50 bucks at staples back then.That was after my HP with 12Mhz cpu, It had a Turbo button on it, which i think might have doubled the 12mhz to 24mhz :lol:

    SVGA Rules
  12. wow I feel old. Does anyone remember back in the day when CIRRUS LOGIC ruled with their gfx???

    1) My first was a trident - something
    2) a cirrus logic
    3) think a intel 740 with 8mb
    4) voodoo2 with 12mb worked with the 740.(quake 2 rocked!!!)
    5) s3 (sucked btw, should bought riva tnt 2 but didn't had money)
    6) nvidia Ti 300 with 128mb
    7) Ati 9600 pro with 128mb
    8) nvidia 6800 GS
    9) probably an ATI X1950 pro (pci express) 256mb in a couple of weeks.
  13. My first 3D card was a Rendition Verite V2100.
  14. Where have you been? You don't have to buy a new card to come join us in the Graphics forums. :D

    I had to upgrade the ti4200 in my kids rig because it can't run Flatout 2. Also the reason I haven't given BF2 or FL2 to some of my friends as they still run Ti4200's. :roll:
  15. voodoo 4MB
    voodoo banshee 16MB
    Riva TNT 2 Ultra 32MB
    geforce 4 mx 440 64MB
    ATI radeon 9200SE 128MB (used)
    Geforce 5200 128MB (used)
    Geforce 6800 AGP 128MB
    Geforce 7900GS 256MB

    man i loved those old voodoo's, i dont think i have ever been as pleased with a video card purchase since, the voodoo is still kicking in a server in the closet :lol:.
  16. yeah i just put my ti4200 to rest a few weeks ago. good card.
  17. 1) voodoo 3 16MB agp & 2) voodoo 2 12MB pci in sli later on (first DIY system in 2001)
    3) geforce 2 mx400 64MB agp
    4) geforce 4 mx440 64MB agp
    5) geforce 4 TI4200 64MB agp (broke)
    6) geforce 4 TI4200 8x agp 64MB agp (stuck with this for a few years before upgrading gpus again last year)
    7) geforce 6 6600GT 128MB agp (last agp card)
    8 ) geforce 7 7800GT 256MB pci-e (current)
  18. 1) Banshee 9850

    then too many to list for the years in between.
  19. The TI4200 was an excellent card! Had to replace it's HSF once, but it's till OC'd and running strong in my sister's XP2500 (OC'd to 2.2Ghz XP3200). I always thought the image quality was very good on that card.
  20. my graphics history:
    trident (IBM PS2)
    S3 with 512 Kb (386 DX)
    matrox (pentium 1 133Mhz)
    voodoo 3 4500 (intel pentium 3 450 Mhz)
    Kyro II (pentium 450 Mhz and Athlon XP 1800+)
    Geforce 4 TI 4200 (athlon XP 1800+)
    ATI 9550 (Athlon XP 2400+ and Athlon XP 2800+)
    Geforce 4 TI 4600 MSI (Athlon XP2800+)
    Geforce 4 TI 4600 gainward with zalman VF700 VIVO (Athlon64 3000+ Socket 754)
    last one still going strong and sturdy! perfect for a occasional game of anarchy online

    dam'n i love the multi-display support on my geforce 4 series
  21. Quote:
    wow I feel old. Does anyone remember back in the day when CIRRUS LOGIC ruled with their gfx???

    Sure. But I only listed my 3d cards... I don't even know if I can remember all of the 2d cards I had. S3's, Ati Mach 32s, Mach 64s, and Tridents mostly. :)
  22. Hell, I can remember when your graphics instructions were still handled by the CPU. Back then AMD's abilities were so limited, they actually had a secondary CPU on the motherboard (with its own small dedicated ram cache)
    becuase their primary cpu couldnt handle the instruction sets (quite funny)
    then 3DFX came out with their stuff and made AMD a viable option because now you had a dedicated unit from another company, AMD's stuff was traditionally cheaper and sometimes overclocked better. heh, go figure.
  23. I had a Diamond Stealth. don't remember which one. Than I upgraded to the TI4200 64. The TI is Mad Dog.
  24. I'm flat broke. So I have no net access at home. Darn!!!!!
  25. Quote:
    Thats how long my old TI4200 has been in use. And still going strong. I did not plan on it lasting that long. Some year I'll have a new vid card. Whenever I have money again.

    I still have one of those, though it hasn't been used in ages. I wonder how little it's worth now...

    GF2 MX440
    GF4 TI4200
    GF FX5700 Ultra
    GF 6600GT
    GF 7900GT

    I know the list has nothing from ATI. Nothing against them, it's just force of habit as I've never had a problem with anything from Nvidia.
  26. My first PC vid card was ATI's "VGA Wonder" ISA card in my TURBO XT running at a whopping 4.77 MHZ with 640k RAM and 20 MEG hard drive.

    It played "bouncing babies" like a champ lmao

    Bouncing Babies - my first DOS game! http://www.dosgamesarchive.com/download/game/100
  27. I skipped the entire GF3 and 4 generations all together because the onboard GF2 MX served my needs so well. I mostly played Half Life and TFC with it as well as Return To Castle Wolfenstein and the original Call of Duty. Believe it or not it played the latter two quite well at 8x6. It wasn't until I heard HL2 would be released that I knew I needed to upgrade. Interesting thing is that the board with the GF2 MX is still up and running quite nicely in a charity PC I built for someone. Even after I replaced the capacitors.
  28. First video card i ever got was an Mx440 that came with an HP.

    So for my birthday my parents bought me my first custom gaming machine, PNY FX5700LE, socket 478 2.8ghz northwood, MSI mobo soon upgraded to 120$ abit one(forgot) and a Augidgy 4 ZS, aww those were the days eh? playing Unreal 2k4 good time good times. heck my MX440 is still running to this day!
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